Tuesday, October 18, 2011


First Chess, then Jeopardy, now the Rubik’s Cube. Mike Dobson and David Gilday’s CubeStormer II Rubic’s Cube solving robot successfully beat Australian Feliks Zemdegs’ 5.66 second record by solving a cube in a mere 5.352 seconds. The feat was accomplished using four LEGO Mindstorm NXT kits controlled by a Samsung Galaxy S II smartphone.

Skynet is proud of you little guy!

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

THE AVENGERS official theatrical trailer looks gooooooooood!

I enjoyed the trailer and you get a glimpse at the new CG Hulk but I feel that the studio is holding out with it's big villain reveal.

I know that Loki is involved some how but he's always been the manipulator, a more hands off kind of guy when tackling Thor and the Avengers together and the Skrulls to me are nothing more than foot soldiers that need to be under the command of a greater force.

That's why I'm hoping that someone like THANOS might be the secret main villain in this movie since the Infinity Gauntlet was seen in Odin's trophy room in the THOR movie.

Now that would be awesome!!

Monday, October 10, 2011

Scratch Build 1/72 scale USS Enterprise CNV-65 Carrier is a sight to behold.

Sixteen feet long, five feet wide, and four feet tall, this 1/72 replica of the US Navy’s “Big E” represents nineteen years of builder Gabriel Suryani’s hobby, and has been called “something that is close to the limits a single modeler can achieve.” It was featured on the 15th anniversary cover of Fine Scale Modeler, in 1997, the same year that Mr. Suryani himself was hosted aboard the real Enterprise for 2 days, compliments of the captain, in recognition of his work.

The model, mostly completed in 2003, represents the USS Enterprise and Air-Wing 11 during the ships’ 1989 cruise. Top deck of the carrier is finished in rough grip surface. Over 6000 tie-downs are on the top deck and 5000 in the hangar bay. The tie-downs have been obtained from a British Company named PP Airoparts, unfortunately they discontinued operations in the early 90’s. Many other parts were die cast in New Jersey.

Starboard shows flight operations. Airmen in colored uniforms, tow and fire trucks , catapult operators, flight directors, safety officers, missile launchers, chaff dispensers, refueling lines, hoses and plumbing, various antennas, control surfaces and storage areas.

- Anchors Away.

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

My favorite Walt Simonson pages # 3

FROG OF THUNDER baby!!! Loki turns Thor into a frog, frog gets his little webs fingers on Mjolnir and the rest is comic history!

From the awesomely amazing The Mighty Thor vol. # 1 (364-366)


Monday, October 3, 2011

Online comics that Rule! #1 : Terry LaBan's MUKTUK WOLFSBREATH HARDBOILED SHAMAN

I first stumbled upon Terry LaBan's crazy ass medicine man Muktuk back in the late 90's when Vertigo released it as a 3 issue mini series that really didn't catch on. (Note to the youngins' out there, before the turn of the century it was very difficult for most artists and writers to self publish their works via an online comic like most do today, due A noisy beast known as a 56.6K modem, it would have taken too much of our precious time to view most comics from the internet back then, time that most comic readers agree they would have rather earmarked for viewing pictures of naked ladies doing naughty things, but I digress.)

Muktuk had all of the trappings that I enjoyed in a supernatural comic: Demons, Zombies, Spirits hallucinogenic "medicine" with a touch of humor and some nicely fleshed out characters that at the I just wasn't getting out of main stream super hero comics and like all things I enjoy...it was gone.

The DC series sold only moderately and unsure what else to do with the character, LaBan shelved him and moved on. Over the years, though, he continued to hear every so often from Muktuk fans, looking for art and asking him if he’d ever write more. The answer was always “no’, but when, one day, when considering his options for a thesis project that would allow him to complete his Masters in Interactive Design, he decided a web comic would fit the bill and that Muktuk Wolfsbreath would be the perfect concept to build it around.

Fast forward Thirteen years to February 2011, DC comics still owned the rights to Muktuk,  LeBan asked DC for the character rights to revert back to him and instead of giving him the run around like you think most major publishers would do, they gave him the rights to his character in a timely manor (thanks to Mumblestein for pointing this out) Terry LeBan then turned Muktuk into a online web comics written and drawn by himself as a thesis project to complete his Masters in Interactive Design course.

And now without  furthur ado, here's MUTUK WOLFBREATH HARD-BOILED SHAMAN
( updates every Monday and Thursday )