Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Super Fail #1 - Chuck offers Scott the back of his hand.

As I re-read my uncanny X-men collection, I'm beginning to realize why humanity hated mutants.

it was all due to one man, Charles Francis Xavier, leader of the Uncanny X-men, foremost proponent of mutant rights and the grand daddy of all haters. I'm going share every instance I come across where I feel that Prof. X is being a prick and I'm inviting all of you for the ride.

Here's our precious first note worthy moment of good ole' Chuck using a couple of his many hidden mutant abilities: ultimate cock blocking & extreme douche baggery.

Uncanny X-men # 102 , Jean Grey saves the X-Men from an inescapable death after a space mission by volunteering to manually pilot their space shuttle in a cock pit with a big ass hole that destroyed it's radiation shielding back to Earth while Xavier's precious X-Men happen to be safe from the radiation in the shuttles shielded cargo hold, are helpless to do anything to help. Jean nearly dies saving the team, she's taken to the nearest hospital, The surviving X-men go on vacation to Ireland (wtf?) and Scott's at her side trying tomake sense of it all and this is when our "Hero" makes his entrance and tries to comfort his grieving field commander with these empathetic words:


Wednesday, February 2, 2011


I loved the original Demon Soul and still I didn't come anywhere near to finishing it. Some players where put off but it's staggering difficulty in the beginning of the game , others just put it aside to get back to it later.

For me I enjoyed the game but got swept up in other....who am I kidding the game was freaking hard and to this day I can't bring myself to play it or get rid of it, it sits on my shelf daring me to put the game disc into my PS3.

Now with the announcement of the sequel, I have no choice but to man up and get back to it.

here's the clip: