Sunday, March 30, 2008

MS GUNDAM: Operation Troy (360)

As a huge fan of Giant robots, The Mobile Suit Gundam series has always been one of my all time favorite Properties. From Series to Mech and toy designs, has never disappointed me.

Somehow the video games based on the series has always been lacking.
don't get me wrong there are a lot of good Gundam games out there, but nothing that really stands out as a must have.

In fact, the only Gundam game that held my attention long enough for me to complete it was the overlooked MOBILE SUIT GUNDAM: SIDE STORY 0079 for the Sega DREAMCAST, which for me was the pinnacle of a Gundam Videogame.

Now Bandai has the upcoming MS GUNDAM: Operation Troy, where you play the roll of a MS pilot/Infantry soldier who can Hijack Mobile suits ala MECHASSUALT: LONE WOLF.

The Graphics look a bit LAST GEN, I hope it's due to the game still being under development. the Cockpit scenes look true to the series and if it plays anything like SIDE STORY, or better, I can forgive the out dated graphi engine.

Also the Promise of ONLINE MULTIPLAYER BATTLES with Mobile Suits is too just too Friggin Sweet.

I really hope that they don't drop the ball on this one.

Wednesday, March 26, 2008


Anyone who knows me knows that I love video games, One of my current Favorites being Ace Combat 6 for the 360, I just love a pretty Arcade style combat flight sim.

Anyhow I was trying to describe the downloadable planes via xbox live to my Pal Steven, but it's had without some visual reference so here are some pics:

Here's the plane I love to fly online, The Holloween F-14D special

The A-10 Christmas special


Mirage 2000
F-22 Raptor
Here's a few shots of the Cherry Blossom F-14D

The SU-33 Crimson Wing
The All American F-15
The Rare CFA Prototype


Sunday, March 23, 2008


Boston Dynamics, a robotics R&D company with a government defense contract has developed an autonomous robot that walks on all four legs, self corrects itself and can navigate obsticles with great ease.

Now Imagine a battalion of these advancing on a battlefield mounted with .30 MM Machine guns.


Que the Teminator Theme


The King of Fighters 12 looks sweet, the game runs at 1080i HD for both the PS3 & Xbox 360. twice the resolution of guilty grear with online play!

enjoy the screen shots