Wednesday, January 27, 2010


Some interesting Green Lantern movie production designs.

Here's a true to form Kilowog
(click for hi res)

And Lanterns Sinestro and Tomar Re

The movie is due out June 11, 2011 and stars Ryan Reynolds.

As a huge fan of the source material I'm hoping this doesn't turn out to be a disaster, but even thought the production material looks exceptional, I would get my hopes to high.

Monday, January 25, 2010


Just finished watching Terminator Salvation, the last Terminator flick with Bruce Wayne as John Connor and Jake Sully as Marcus the man with a mysterious past..00000000..aaaaaa.

I was expecting a big hot steaming pile of doo doo since it was directed by McG of Charlies Angel and Charlies Angel Full Throttle fame. But to my surprise it was actually pretty good if you can get past Bale's intense over acting. His face is always strained like he's trying to burn things with his vision.

The Aussie from Avatar ( Jake Sully ) who's name I can't be bothered to commit to memory, as Marcus was the more interesting of the Two main characters.

Lots of cool robots, explosions and more robots! Add it to your netflix queue, it's a fun flick for any Robot or Terminator Fan.

Here the pecking order for TERMINATOR films:

  1. T2
  2. T1
  3. T-Salvation
  4. The Sarah Connor Chronicles
  5. T3


Hoping to get some quality time with my Mac this week to finish up the inks on my Buffy exercise.

I have Three computers in the house, ( PC laptop, an older G3 emac and the G4 Imac 28" flat screen w/4gb of ram ) but my wife and I still find ourselves vying for time on the newer, faster Imac.
To be completely honest, The G4 was purchased with my wife's freelance work in mind
and I did buy a laptop ( a $349 Toshiba pc on sale at bestbuy ) for myself, I just hate windows vista and need to upgrade the RAM cause this thing is f*cking slow!
128 mb of ram just doesn't cut it anymore....
so in sumation:
  1. Wife always wins
  2. Windows suck
  3. I need to get another Mac.

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

BUFFY INKS ( part 3 )

Starting Inking yesterday, I used the layer tools in Photoshop CS4 to change the pencils to blue line, it makes it easier on the eyes.

I'm not use to doing the inks digitally but I thought I'd give it a try and to my surprise I'm digging it. It's mistake friendly and I can lay down the "white ink" without waiting.

My weapons of choice, A wacom pen and tablet an CS4.

BUFFY DRAWING ( part 2 )

I had little delay on getting back to this drawing this week but I stuck with it and didn't let myself get side tracked.

Below is the original that I showed you all last week.

( click to enlarge)

And Here's a scan of the finished sketch, I changed the slightly changed fingers on Buffy's Left hand to give it more of a sense of weight. also her facial expression looked a little bland so a gave her a mischievous little smirk and I slimmed down her arms and torso just a touch.

Blacula's decked out in the latest vampire pimpware, as for the blackground, I haven't sttled on it yet but I'll thinking of having them fight in front of an old theater house.

next week, background and character inks.

( click to enlarge )

Saturday, January 9, 2010


I've been struggling to draw on a regular basis for the last few years (*cough**video games **cough) I've loved comics for as long as I can remember and even went to SVA to become an illustrator, but other than some light freelance work, I have never taken a stab at Illustrating professionally.

The last sketch in my drawing pad was a Buffy vs Blacula piece dated 7/5/2005 I did on a day off in my old apartment on west 93rd Street in Manhattan, I was watching a Buffy marathon on FX and thought it would be cool if I had her facing off with the Ebony prince of darkness himself.

the sketch is poorly done as I was probably eating cheetos and lying on my sofa.

Her head is disproportionately small, her right hand doesn't seem to be bearing any weight at all and her legs are in an awkward, lazy position.

I'm going to properly illustrate this idea, even though it's outdated I still like it and post the steps here from doodles to the final inked and colored illustration.

I'll post my progress next Saturday, until then you can see the original below.

Thursday, January 7, 2010


Sorry for the delay in between posts but I've been working on some Gundam modeling / drawings that I'll share with you all later but for now I have this taste little morsel..

Youtuber "HeartOfBattle" got a hold of some sweet footage of the new Super Street fighter 4 characters in action, and you get to see the new selectable ultra combo system at work.

4 out of the 8 new characters have been announced

( CODY, ADON, GUY & JURI) and next week the next 4 will be announced at CES, but the word online from beta testers is that they're SF3: 3rd Strikes Dudley, Makoto, ibuki and a new character named Halim.


First here's a little video detailing just some of the changes in Super SF4:

Now A Cody vs Ryu clip, the volume on this video is almost non existent, check out Ryu's new super Shoryuken!

Here's a short clip of Adon vs Ken ( sorry, also with low volume )

Saturday, January 2, 2010

REVIEW : Sunrise Mecha Action DX Zerberus VR-Maxima Metallic Ver

This is more of a warning than a review, I bought this from as a gift for a friend who's into big, bulky bots and I thought would like the Votoms / Estevalis hybrid look of this Mech.

Hobby Link Japan had discounted the item 70% off ( from 18,100 Yen = $195 usd to 5430 Yen = $58.36 usd) and I was sold. The mistake I made was not inspecting the merchandise thoroughly once it arrived. It looked amazing standing a little over 12" with a nice hefty feel to it that you'd come to expect from Japanese robots, I took it out of the box to make sure the paint didn't chip and the parts where there, but I didn't pose it or move it around thinking that it would be best to leave that to the intended owner of the gift.

Three weeks later I presented the gift only to see the person move the arms ever so slightly and SNAP! the arm broke off in his hand. He places the gun on the other hand and SNAP AGAIN! To my horror the other arm broke off.

What the f^ck Sunrise!?!

Upon closer inspection, it looked like the communion wafer thin shoulder joints weren't capable of bearing the weight of the arms, also the joint was so stiff that moving it might have contributed to the arms breaking off.

So to everyone out their who saw this on sale and thought it would make a nice addition to your collection...don't do it, unless your into helpless, armless mechs.

And to , thanks for the heads up about the defective shoulder joints you pricks.


I'm going to try to "mine" less from other sites and post more about my opinions and reviews on things.

Also you'll see some of my sketches, drawings and works in progress that I never intended to post on this blog.

until my next post...