Monday, January 25, 2010


Hoping to get some quality time with my Mac this week to finish up the inks on my Buffy exercise.

I have Three computers in the house, ( PC laptop, an older G3 emac and the G4 Imac 28" flat screen w/4gb of ram ) but my wife and I still find ourselves vying for time on the newer, faster Imac.
To be completely honest, The G4 was purchased with my wife's freelance work in mind
and I did buy a laptop ( a $349 Toshiba pc on sale at bestbuy ) for myself, I just hate windows vista and need to upgrade the RAM cause this thing is f*cking slow!
128 mb of ram just doesn't cut it anymore....
so in sumation:
  1. Wife always wins
  2. Windows suck
  3. I need to get another Mac.

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