Monday, January 25, 2010


Just finished watching Terminator Salvation, the last Terminator flick with Bruce Wayne as John Connor and Jake Sully as Marcus the man with a mysterious past..00000000..aaaaaa.

I was expecting a big hot steaming pile of doo doo since it was directed by McG of Charlies Angel and Charlies Angel Full Throttle fame. But to my surprise it was actually pretty good if you can get past Bale's intense over acting. His face is always strained like he's trying to burn things with his vision.

The Aussie from Avatar ( Jake Sully ) who's name I can't be bothered to commit to memory, as Marcus was the more interesting of the Two main characters.

Lots of cool robots, explosions and more robots! Add it to your netflix queue, it's a fun flick for any Robot or Terminator Fan.

Here the pecking order for TERMINATOR films:

  1. T2
  2. T1
  3. T-Salvation
  4. The Sarah Connor Chronicles
  5. T3


  1. Well, its your blog, so you're the man. It's firmly on the bottom of my list and I'm considering a DC move where I pretend it didn't happen. Also, I'd put the TV series ahead of T3.

  2. Mumblestein,

    Believe me I had no great expectation for this movie and I had a great time despite Bale.

    and yes the TV series is number (4) on my list, the god awful T3 is number (5)

  3. The only thing good about T3 was the hot terminator chick.