Thursday, September 29, 2011

DC: All Star Western #1 Review

I normally leave the reviews to the more experienced hands but I felt I had to share how much I enjoyed this comic and if you give just one new book a glance this week, I hope it's this one.

All Star western feels more like a Sherlock Holmes story than anything, a murder is preying on prostitutes in Gotham City circa 1890, Amadeus Arkham and Jonah Hex find themselves working together to solve a case of a serial killer that, without revealing too much of the plot, could be a member of Gotham's social elite.

The writing by Gray and Palmiotti is perfect for this book and it's only complimented by the stylish art of Moritat.

O.K. Now get this book or I'll stop posting scantily clad cosplay women for Halloween this year damn it!

Verdict : Need more ALL STAR WESTERN now!!!

"I'm your huckleberry"
- Doc Holliday

WALKING DEAD SEASON 2 : The Zombies are coming, the zombies are coming!!!

Just a friendly reminder that the greatest television show on earth is back.

Wednesday, September 28, 2011


For those looking to add a little Castlevania to your Dark Souls your in Luck! One of the new weapons in the successor to Demon Souls has added a whip to the arsenal of weapons you can use in your new career as "The slayer O demons"

 ( personally love the Two handed "I'm gonna beat yo ass" whip grip )

DARK SOULS arrives next Tuesday (10/4/11) for the PS3 & 360

enjoy the clip:


Tuesday, September 27, 2011


Today we have the pleasure of Featuring this lovely cosplayer that goes by the name of VAMPBEAUTY on deviantart. This bold young lady decided to tackle one of the most scantly clad super heroines of the Modern comic era, Jim Lee's purple little mutie ninja, Elizabeth Braddock aka Psylock.

She fills that up that outfit nicely with A body built for gravity defying latex superhero costumes, amazing.

If she showed up to my door step on Halloween looking like this, I'd give her all my candy and the keys to the apartment.

"psychic powers not included"

- Happy Halloween kids.

Saturday, September 24, 2011

My Favorite Walt Simonson pages #2

This one comes to us from THE MIGHTY THOR vol. 1, issue # 339. Odin invites Thor, Lady Sif and Beta Ray Bill into The furnaces of Nedavellir, the great forges of the Dwarves where Eitri the master Weapon-smith of Asgard casts a second hammer out of molten Uru metal.

Odin then pours a portion of the his life force into the molten hammer and casts an enchantment giving the bearer of this new weapon, Stormbreaker, all of the powers and abilities of Thor.

Eitri instructs Bill (Thor's new ally and equal in both strength and virtue who Odin has appointed as protector of Asgard and the realm eternal,) to pull the molten Stormbreaker out of the forge so that the enchantment can hold.

What comes next is one of my favorite comic book pages of all time:

-"By Ymir's frosty beard!"

Friday, September 23, 2011

The many talents of The Batman [Catwoman #1]

During one of my nerd-tastic outings with a couple of buds, one of them (who we'll call Malformed to protect his real identity) brought up the excellent observation that Batman's true power is being prepared for any situation, no matter how crazy things get Batman always manages to come out on top.

I believe nowhere is this point best illustrated than in the latest DC relaunch, CATWOMAN #1, where Selina puts the moves on Mr. Batman and he counters with something right out of his own porn parody.


The Bat-Hickey

And mighty boner-rang!

Welcome to the new DC!

"oh my"
- George Takei

Thursday, September 22, 2011

My Favorite Walt Simonson pages #1

After having just enjoyed THOR on blu-ray with my family and since I recently received my WALT SIMONSON'S THOR ARTIST EDITION from IDW (which is a thing of beauty and a steal at $99 bucks) I thought I'd share some of my favorite pages from his now legendary Marvel comics THOR run.

Today's page comes from THE MIGHTY THOR vol. 337, a forsaken Donald Blake (Thor's alter ego) is left stranded on the wreckage of a shield helicarrier without his enchanted hammer screaming against a tempest for his father aide.

Damn that's sweet.

-Grandaiza out.

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

The sad state of Marvel comics part 1: The many faces of Wolverine.

Marvel comics has managed to put Wolverine in almost every single line of funny books that they make with a "Gotta Have more cowbell" zeal in an effort to whore out a "popular" character with the fanboys. This "milk the cow until it's dead" disregard for storytelling makes me wonder if anyone at Marvel is even trying anymore.

Allow me to give you a whiff of the monthly dung heap that they call continuity over at Marvel right now.

(yes all of this takes place in the same publishing month, if not week)

In the X-men books their having an event called Schism where Wolverine and Cyclops solve their philosophical differences by beating the crap out of each other and wind up splintering their little mutie cabal into Two separate factions.

Fine, but while this is going on we have Wolverine in this months X-Force traveling to an alternate universe and getting fried....

 chicken and in no condition to fight for the next issue of that book.

A nice Harvey Dent, but wait! he ain't licked yet!!

Mr. Logan is now a member of the Two Avengers teams now let's see whats doin' with this
fine character over in those teams...

Oh, it looks like they're having their own crossover called Fear itself where the Avengers are duking it out with evil Asgardians armed with enhanced weapons provided by Odin and here we have The Wolverine with his new prickly look courtesy of the allfather.

And in between all that he has a little downtime for a sparring lesson with the immortal Iron-Fist in The New Avengers.

The Wolverine even manages to find time to make a cameo in the Spider-man event Spider-Island where (I kid you not) Radioactive bed-bugs are giving people in NYC spider powers.

I know They're just comic books but if publishers want people to keep reading their books, there has to be at least an attempt to have the story make some kind of plausible sense.

Here's a little example of what I'm blathering about:

When Dick Grayson became Nightwing in the New Teen Titans, Chuck Dixon over at Detective Comics had Grayson confront Batman about his decision, they argued, Dick handed in his resignation and left the Bat books for a long while.

If DC took today's Marvel approach to editing, Richard Grayson would be Robin, Nightwing, The Red Hood and Batman in 3 separate books.

I don't have all the answers and if you read my blog with any frequency you know that I am no wordsmith, but when you deal in the hyper fantasy world of superhero storytelling, it's important that in between the impossible abilities and epic battles there should be some semblance of an editorial plausibility that the gives a character...well character.

Otherwise Just write it into the story, make Wolverine immortal, give him the ability to clone himself, teleportaion, put him on every Marvel book and call if a day.

Thursday, September 15, 2011

Bionic fingers for a 15 year old school girl


This is the most articulated artificial hand that I've ever seen, it's incredible how it allows her to grab onto smaller

objects like a piece of fruit with her thumb, index and pointer fingers while the ring and pinkie curl up into a "natural" position.

It still needs a little work before I decide to replace one of my real hands with one of these, but it
reassuring to know that someone out there is working towards a "skywalker" quality hand.

Now if only I can get someone to work on that hover conversion system for cars I saw in back to the future....

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Monday, September 5, 2011


AIRMECH is a little RTS strategy game that appears to be the spiritual successor to one of my favorite SEGA Genesis games from the 90's called HERZOG ZWEI, a little known game that was the very first Real Time Strategy game and birthed an entire video game genre.

Build units, acquire bases and vanquish your enemies in a veritech fighter. Sweet!

(Here's the original in action.)

No release date for AIRMECH but if it stays true to the original, it should be a blast.

Sunday, September 4, 2011


If your going to save the world, do it in Style.

Here's a few of Mr. Bonds favorite vehicles for you enjoyment:

James Bond's Cars