Sunday, September 28, 2008

Street Fighter 4 : enter gouken!!!

Courtesy of gametrailers

Early gameplay footage of the much mentioned, but never seen, Gouken.

Akuma's rival and master to both Ken and Ryu is now a hidden bonus playable character in

CAPCOMS street fighter 4!

Video Below:

LIttle Big Planet demo custom level : the human body

courtesy of gametrailers

a very cool user created custom level made in the demo of LBP

video below

PS3:Valkyria Chronicles : battle system & Character classes

Courtesy of Sega of America

Here's a little more insight into a game that I'm dying to get my hands on, A demo should be available by the second week of October on the Playstation network store

The info below comes straight from the Sega website.

The Release date is listed as NOV. 11th



BLiTZ (Battle of Live Tactical Zone) System

Combining turn-based RPG gameplay with 3rd person action games, the "BLiTZ" battle system allows players to battle with direct control in action sequences just as in action games, while also maneuvering through the vast world with strategic moves typical of tactical RPGs.

The battle is turn-based between the Player Phase and the Enemy Phase.

Player Phase

Enemy Phase

In each Phase, strategically choose your unit in the Command Mode and enter battle to move your unit in the Action Mode.

Action Mode
Command Points

The Command Points (CP) determines how many units you can move each in each Phase.

Action Mode
Action Points

The Action Points (AP) represents the mobility range for each of your chosen units in Action Mode.



Equipped with standard caliber rifles, capable of covering a lot of ground.


Equipped with high-power machine guns and excel in close combat with average mobility.


Equipped with long-range sniper rifles, they are less effective in melee combat with lower defensive abilities.


Equipped with large spear-like cannons, they can inflict great damage to tanks and have enough defense to withstand heavy attacks. Low mobility makes them vulnerable to enemy foot soldiers.


Low offensive and defensive abilities make them impractical as fighters, yet are supportive as they restock ammunitions, remove landmines, fix sandbags, and recover tanks.

Friday, September 26, 2008


This is looking very promising, it's a bout time that SNK redresigned the sprites in high res for a King of fighters game.

Now if they would only do the same for Samurai Showdown!

Thursday, September 25, 2008

Wonderfest '08 Japanese Toy Show ( SUPER ROBOTS! )

Courtesy of Josh B from collection DX

Some sweet robot images from the Wonderfest '08 in japan ( I really need to go to japan one day ) my favorites are the 1/24 patlabor ingram from yamato ( huge!) and the 1/6 Chirico Curvie and scopedog ( gigantic)


Volks resin cast Gurren-lagann

    • CM's Black Mospeada Ride Armor

    • Cm's Brave Gokin Dotabattan, Mekabuton and Kuwagattan?

    • CM's Brave Gokin Galient and Mugen Calibur with Armor (and check out the little powered suits!)

    • CM's Brave Gokin Baldios (2 versions)

    • CM's Brave Gokin Gakeen

    • CM's Mecha Action Machine Blaster

    • Max Factory DRAGONAR (Kit? Gokin?)

    • Fewture EX Gokin Great Mazinger (new version?)

    • Yamato GNU (Big size!) Baxinger

    • Yamato GNU Gravion

    • Yamato 1/24 Ingram ( just bad ass )

    • Yamato 1/6 Scale Chirico and Scopedog! ( amazing )

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

LIttle Big Planet demo video

courtesy of

Great video, they breakdown the "how to's" of the sackboy like controls, customization, facial expressions and body / head six axis control.

See below:

Sunday, September 21, 2008

A preview of Valkyria Chronicles PS3

courtesy of the G4TV.

Valkyria Chronicles is a PS3 exclusive 3rd person action strategy game that I am eagerly anticipating ( I might have to buy it new ) . Beautiful art design style that I would describe as a retro WWII Japanese RPG with a touch of Miyazaki done in a watercolor on sepia paper style.

If SEGA put the same care into the gameplay that they poured into the look of the game and give players the option to play with the original Japanese audio and english subtitles, they should have a sure hit on their hands.

here's an nice preview of the game featured on G4's Xplay, the Rep from SEGA is annoying but the clip is worth a look.

Saturday, September 20, 2008

In Memory of Shea Stadium 1964-2008

They call Yankees stadium the cathedral, the house that Ruth Built and what not.


I'll always have a soft spot in my heart for Shea, where the girls over in the Lodge boxes by Third base would flash their breasts at Larry Chipper Jones, Where A fight would eventually break out if someone was in the stands wearing a Phillies or a Braves cap, where the laws of science and inebriation were tested by Mets fans wanting more than a mere baseball game for their ticket


Baseball Fan Parties Too Hard - Watch more free videos

Thursday, September 18, 2008

Comic art and literature collide

I found this site by Steven Gettis where he accumulated over the course of 10 years a impressive collection of artwork from some of the finest artists in the comic biz, Illustrating their favorite subjects from the Literary world. Below is the link to his site:

Hey Oscar Wilde! It's Clobbering Time!!!

here are some of my favorites:

Mike Allred : J.D Sallinger


Dave Cockrum : War of the worlds


Gen Ha : The Little Prince


Tony Harris : Dr. Jeckyll & Mr. Hyde


Jim Mafood : Hunter S. Thompson


Steve Rude : Alice in Wonderland


Walt Simonson : JRR Tolken


Takeshi Miyazawa : Nausicaa


Micheal Golden : Tom Swift


Tony Dezuniga : Sherlock Holmes

Saturday, September 13, 2008

Tatsunoko VS Capcom 'Evo 2K8" gameplay Footage

Here are some videos of the much anticipated Tatsunoko vs. Capcom if they don't bring this game over state side, I may have to import this for PS3. ( ah the advantages of a region free system)

It's 3D characters on a 2D battleground with Air combos ala Marvel Vs capcom

only a handful of characters have been announced, but expect this to be a 52+ character affair ala Marvel vs Capcom 2 only better looking.




Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Illustrator Joel Priddy

Some nifty golden age inspired cover sketches by Mr. Priddy

you can see more of his fine work at his blog BEESWAX 


Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Nintendo Game & Watch retrospective

Courtesy of DS FANBOY

Nintendo aficionado and fellow gamer DS FANBOY put together a nice little site that looks back at the at the classic handheld series.

Other than those shitty Coleco sports games with the little red LED players, these where the only option for a kid looking for on go gaming in the 80's.

I had a few of these as a kid ( and a few confiscated in elementary school ) if your looking for a classic game and watch fix, I believe they released these as a cartridge for the Gameboy advanced ( also works for the DS )

for more click below for the link to the article: