Thursday, September 25, 2008

Wonderfest '08 Japanese Toy Show ( SUPER ROBOTS! )

Courtesy of Josh B from collection DX

Some sweet robot images from the Wonderfest '08 in japan ( I really need to go to japan one day ) my favorites are the 1/24 patlabor ingram from yamato ( huge!) and the 1/6 Chirico Curvie and scopedog ( gigantic)


Volks resin cast Gurren-lagann

    • CM's Black Mospeada Ride Armor

    • Cm's Brave Gokin Dotabattan, Mekabuton and Kuwagattan?

    • CM's Brave Gokin Galient and Mugen Calibur with Armor (and check out the little powered suits!)

    • CM's Brave Gokin Baldios (2 versions)

    • CM's Brave Gokin Gakeen

    • CM's Mecha Action Machine Blaster

    • Max Factory DRAGONAR (Kit? Gokin?)

    • Fewture EX Gokin Great Mazinger (new version?)

    • Yamato GNU (Big size!) Baxinger

    • Yamato GNU Gravion

    • Yamato 1/24 Ingram ( just bad ass )

    • Yamato 1/6 Scale Chirico and Scopedog! ( amazing )

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  1. Many cool 'bots. I don't know many of them but that Ingram is beyond sweet.