Sunday, December 16, 2007

"Abba Zabba Your my only Friend"

This video is just pure gold.

"I think we're Dead...Time is going by,really,really,really slow"

Dumbest Cop Ever - Watch more free videos

Sunday, December 9, 2007

New Street Fighter 4 images from Bloggeek

Capcom confirmed that Street Fighter IV will have polygonal graphics, but the gameplay is strictly 2D. The game will have new moves, locations and gameplay features, and the standard 6-button control scheme will remain. Four characters have been confirmed:

Ryu, Ken, Chun-Li and Dhalsim

Gameplay Screens

Friday, December 7, 2007

FIRST LOOK: The Speed Racer Trailer

to quote "Men on Film":

-Hated it

Here it is , I think it looks a little too cartoony with the Primary color palette Ala the DICK TRACY movie and the speed lines are over the top.

I feel for the fans of the original
(especially Crash & Spritle)

Monday, December 3, 2007

NEW BATMAN "The Dark Knight" Promo Pics New Batsuit & Joker

I ran into these new pics online of Bale as Batman in the New Batsuit and Heath Ledger as The Joker.

I'm very curious to see how this all turns out, even though I really liked "Batman Begins" I'm very weary of sequels.

But then again it looks spot on!

He looks Nucking Futz, ( me likey )

It feels More Insane(closer to a Kelly Jones illustrated Joker from the comics)
than the Angry , revenge driven JOKER by Nicholson,
or the flamboyantly gay clown prince of crime portrayed on the 1960's
TV show by Caesar Romero.

Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Sci Fi channel sucks ass.

I'm Kind of dissapointed that Scifi channel aired the Battlestar Galactica Razor movie with little to no advertising. I mean of all the things they sink ad money into, ( like that Crappy Flash Gordon with the kid that got fired from smallville) they couldn't put an ad on their own network
about a new Battlestar Movie? Sci Fi channel sucks ass.

oh well, at least I have Italian Spiderman!!

Saturday, November 17, 2007

GhostBusters for the 360, PS3 2008

Courtesy of G4TV,

One of My favorite Movies from the 80's was the original Ghostbusters and I've always felt that the concept of the movie would have made an exclellent videogame.

Vivendi now plans to make my dreams come true with a full fledged 3 person next gen game. the best part, Creators Harold Ramis and Dan Akroyd have confirmed that they will be writing for the game and lending their voices to there game counterparts along with Ernie Hudson and Bill Murray!!

stay tuned

-John B.

Monday, November 5, 2007

More Bafoonery

Keep an eye on your kids!

You never know when an idiot may appear and put your kids in danger.

don't believe me... take a look:

Dont Juggle Bowling Balls - Watch more free videos

Tuesday, October 30, 2007


I've always had a soft spot for Masume Shirow's Appleseed and Dominion Tank police, back in 1988, I remember the Manager at the store I used to shop at ( Stephen K. aka ZAKU KILLER on XBL ) bringing these to my attention and being blown away by the level of detail in these books, everything from City scapes to the Weapons and vehicles even the ammo rounds where
designed with a purpose in mind By Shirow.

Shiro Lead to Otomo, Otomo to Miyazaki and the rest is Nerd History

Now there's a new appleseed OVA coming out and it's looks better than the last attempt. Now if they can only make a game for it that looks this good.

Here's the trailer

Wednesday, October 24, 2007



This looks to be the mobile suit game that everyone's been waiting for, taking a page from Mechassault 2 Lone Wolf & Lost Planet, you now start the game on foot as a soldier in either Zion or Federation army running around fighting while these towering Mechs fight around you.

Tired of almost getting stepped on by a giant Mobile Suit?

highjack a mech and do some real damage!

no release date for the US has been announced but given the popularity of Gundam here in the States, we should see this over by Summer 2008.

Thursday, October 18, 2007

Wednesday, October 17, 2007


The Big announcement is finally here! first Capcom plans to release a 3D version of the NES classic Bionic comando, for those of you to young to remember, it was a excellent action side scroller where the player controlled a character with a bionic arm and grappling hook who fought his way through hordes of soldiers.

here's a youtube clip of the original:

and here's an image of what the redesigned game character looks like so far:



No details have been announced other than it's a completely new street fighter, and it will be released for next gen consoles. No word yet if it will be 2D or 3D. it would be nice if they gave us a new 2D street fighter with high res graphics ala Guilty Gear. We'll just have to wait and see....

Friday, October 12, 2007


Today I Learned that CAPCOM, once known as fine video game makers, (Street Fighter, Resident Evil etc....) Are counting down to something...AND ITS MAKING ME NERVOUS.

I Know it's probably some shitty remake of one of their fighting games for, but the countdown looks so ominus that I CAN'T HELP THINKING THE WORST, is it the end of days? Jesus Returing to slay my enemies? Another iphone price drop?

It's driving me nuts!

well, whatever it is well find out in less than five day...

Here's the link

Wednesday, October 10, 2007


Now in production, "Astro Boy" is set for release in 2009. It is a computer graphics adaptation of Osamu Tezuka's famous manga about a boy robot, first published in 1952.

The film is Imagi's third theatrical feature, following "TMNT" ("Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles") and "Gatchaman," also now in production. "TMNT" debuted at No. 1 at the U.S. boxoffice when it opened in March, with $25.45 million in ticket sales.

But unlike Imagi's "TMNT" and "Gatchaman," both action-heavy films, "Astro Boy" has a largely emotional core, pushing the performance, acting and movement principles of the animated main character into the spotlight.

Monday, October 1, 2007


I was researching some mickey mouse art online for one of my wife's projects and I stumbled upon this guy, Sergie Kliaving.

He basically does mash up of Disney style imagery with some horror themes Ala EC comics. Weird but I thought I should share it with the Two people who view this Blog.


click here for the link to his Gallery

Monday, September 10, 2007

The Next three BANDAI Soul of Chogokin Releases

Here are some Summit 2007 pics from the good Folks at Hobby Link Japan. An SOC BAIKANFU ( with the Pilot that goes into a mech that then goes into a bigger robot!) expect this piece to be about $169 USD.

Next we have a promo Blueprint teaser for THE SOC GODMARS (NO PRICE MENTIONED) personally I have no Intrest in this one but I'll post it Nevertheless.

Finally what I've been all a buzz about like a sonwblower in Columbia, the FIRST IMAGES OF THE SOC RAIDEEN WITH MOUNTAIN BASE!! (ohhhhhhhhhh joy) I've heard some people out there say that they have alot of Raideen stuff and
have no need for this piece (...vic...) BULLSHIT you know your going to get it stop lying to yourself. LOOK AT IT!! I SAID LOOK YOU FOOLS!!!

High Res. IRONMAN Teaser trailer ** HOT**

I love the times we live in, this looks to be the Mother of all Marvel movies as long as they don't inject an unneeded love story
in it.

Love the casting and Visuals and the Suit looks spot on

check it out

Thursday, September 6, 2007


I found this on one of my boring ass overnight shifts and thought I should share.

The scene when he blows into the cartridge brought a tear to my eye

bon apetite

Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Japanese Videogame Will Break Your Arm

- courtesy of G4tv

Japanese arcade arm-wrestling simulator Arm Spirit is being recalled from game joints across The Land of the Rising Sun because it broke three players' arms.

I want you to think about how awesome that is for one minute. The videogame actually breaks your arm. And for some reason, they want to recall it. There is no justice.

"We think that maybe some players get over-excited and twist their arms in an unnatural way," a spokesman for the game' manufacturer said.

Arm Spirit players advance through ten levels, pitting their strength against a French maid, a drunken martial arts master and a Chihuahua dog before reaching the final challenge - a professional wrestler.

And it will break your fuckin' arm.

Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Rest in Peace MIke Wieringo

Mike Wieringo Passed away yesterday due to a Heart attack at the young age of 44.

I personally did not know the man but I've enjoyed his work for years now.
From his work on the Flash, Spiderman & Fantastic Four comics to his own
Indie book Tellos.

His style stood out among the many talented illustrators who work in his field.

and he will be missed

Friday, August 3, 2007


Here are the first pic of the new SOC GX-39 IRONGEAR from Xabungle. This was the main Ship from the show that carried the crew and mechs around. I remember having a small nameless plastic bootleg of this robotwhen I was a kid, I loved the fact that it use to transformed into a battle cruiser and back and It looks Like BANDAI didn't disappoint, The final product looks nice.
my only criticism of the XABUNGLE SOC line is that I would have liked it if BANDAI gave them more of a Metalic finish like other SOC robots they've put out rather than the "Plasticky" Anime look. Personal Preferences Aside, It looks like it comes with smaller versions of xabungle and Walker Gallia In both Robot And vehicle form along with several support mechs and a hovercraft. A very nice piece if your into the Soul of Chogokin Line.

Tuesday, July 31, 2007



With a nice little nugget of an exclusive that probably won't last once the studios force this little video off the internet.

It's the IRONMAN Teaser trailer that they Showed at COMICON last week and I have to say Video quality aside, the trailer looks great. Now I myself have been the the victim on several occasions of "Great trailer/Shitty Video" syndrome but even the doubting Mustafa in me has to admit that if this is any indication of what to expect from John Favreu, I think this movie will lean more towards the "BATMAN BEGINS" versus something like Mind numbing "FANTASTIC FOUR" flick.

Without furthur ado here it is:

Sunday, May 20, 2007

STARCRAFT 2 - Gameplay footage!!

I've been waiting for at least 10 years for a sequel

And it looks NICE!

Friday, May 18, 2007

Mind Your children

This is what can happen when you don't watch your kids...

Sunday, May 13, 2007


Here's the set up:

Bobby Brown and some Brit Celeb are locked up together for 24 hours on some BBC reality show

( What happens next is classic Bobby Brown )

My perogative Bitch!

Saturday, May 12, 2007


Here's a preview of what could be the last great original 2D game out for a very long time. In a world inundated with First person 3D shooters it's a refreshing change.

Odin Sphere: the rumors, secrets, and hushed talk of the game have now lifted, and what could possibly be the most beautiful 2D game ever created has now been revealed to the world. Developed by Vanillaware - the team behind the legendary Sega Saturn title Princess Crown, and the upcoming PS2 SRPG Grimgrimore - Odin Sphere follows Gwendolyn, the daughter of the demon lord Odin, and four other heroes as they play their parts in an epic struggle of power over control of the nation of Valentine.

When I say that this is one game you'll absolutely want to keep an eye on, trust me on that one.

Wednesday, May 2, 2007



Iron Man is the latest Marvel Comics superhero to jump from splash page to big screen. (The film is due May 2008.) Director Jon Favreau (Elf ) began shooting in March with star Robert Downey Jr. — in his first comic-book role — as the man inside the cybernetic Mark III suit (pictured) and Gwyneth Paltrow as his trusted assistant. In the film, Downey plays Tony Stark, a playboy industrialist who decides to don high-tech armor to fight baddies after suffering a life-threatening heart injury in war-torn Afghanistan. ''This is a decidedly adult superhero story,'' says Favreau. (Fanboy FYI: Look for Stark's legendary drinking problem to pop up in possible sequels.)

Faithful to the comics and constructed by Oscar-winning F/X maestro Stan Winston, the Iron Man togs — a far cry from Stark's normal black-tie attire — are robo-cool but make for restrictive, sweaty duds. ''Robert was very bullish on wearing the suit whenever possible,'' says Favreau of his star, who bulked up for the role. ''Now I don't know if he's such a fan of that idea.'

Thursday, April 26, 2007


Quite Possibly the Greatest Recorded Victory in Street Fighter 3: 3rd Strike

Watch KEN played by DANGO during EVO 2004 in LAS VEGAS



XBOX 360 is BC!Almost 2 years after the release of the XBOX 360, finally some street fighter fans can rejoice. Street Fighter Anniversary Edition is finally backwards compatible with the 360. This makes Street Fighter 3rd Strike, and Anniversary Edition playable offline and online. Hop online and test your skills against some of the best players in the nation. Hopefully this is good news and we can get some more Street Fighter games playable on the 360.

After our first success with the backwards compatible campaign we did the first time, it is time for part 2. Lets see if we can get Capcom vs SNK2 and Marvel vs Cacpcom 2 backwards compatible now. It only takes 5 minutes to send the team an email , so don’t delay, as the team will probably be starting more in the upcoming weeks.

To mail the team, contact and leave them a message saying you want your favorite Capcom games backwards compatible! GOGOGO!




ST in HD!While this title isn’t scheduled till late 2007, Capcom has announced that a redrwan version of this Street Fighter classic will be available for high definition on XBOX 360 and PS3. With online play and a perfect arcade translation, you can expect this oldie but a goodie to be an instant hit for any HD gaming system.

Udon and Capcom are working together to make this game impressive. Udon will be redoing not only the artwork for all the characters, but the endings and stage backgrounds as well. This should prove to be excellent eye candy for everyone.

Now if we could only see Street Fighter 4 in the near future…

Thanks to GameCult for the pic.

Saturday, April 21, 2007

CBR's Comic Urban Legends: Vol. #1

Here's some interesting little tid bits from CBR that I found amusing

Here we go...enjoy.

Let’s begin!

COMIC URBAN LEGEND: DC almost had a black Captain Marvel.


As I discussed in the second installment of Comic Book Urban Legends Revealed, after a lengthy lawsuit with DC Comics and with sales dwindling, Fawcett Comics decided to simply cease publication of their comic book superheroes, putting such notable heroes as Captain Marvel, Mary Marvel and Captain Marvel, Jr. into mothballs.

This is where they remained for many years, until the late 60s, when rumors began circulating that DC was interested in dusting the old Fawcett Comic characters out of the mothballs and publishing them again.

Earlier in the 60s, Marvel began trademarking various titles that had the word Marvel in it, but it was not until they heard that DC was interested in bringing Captain Marvel back, that they rushed out their own title, called Captain Marvel, to establish their trademark (this was all detailed in a previous Comic Book Urban Legends Revealed installment here).

Still, DC continued to consider publishing the Fawcett characters, and by the early 1970s, DC pretty much had determined that they WOULD give licensing Fawcett’s superheroes a shot (DC was in a pretty strong bargaining position - as who ELSE would try to license Captain Marvel from Fawcett and risk a DC lawsuit?), but they were unsure as to HOW to do the comics.

Ultimately, DC decided to just bring the character back the same way he appeared 19 years earlier, as Captain Marvel. They just decided to title the new book Shazam!, after the magic word Billy Batson says to become Captain Marvel.


The new title debuted in early 1973.

After the book ended, newly arrived at DC writer/editor, Roy Thomas had a proposal for a revamp of the character in the very early 80s. Along with artist Don Newton, Thomas suggested that, since they could not call Captain Marvel Captain Marvel, they rename him Captain Thunder. This was a reference to the Golden Age origin of Captain Marvel, as the character was ORIGINALLY named Captain Thunder, but Fawcett discovered before publication that another hero was going by that name, leading to the name change. Thomas presumably felt that it only made sense to return to the original name, if Captain Marvel was unavailable.

The twist, though, was that Thomas thought that the character should be black! Yep, an African-American Billy Batson and Captain Marvel!!

In the Comics Buyer’s Guide #16, in 1982, Thomas told the story, and (courtesy of the amazing Marvel Family website - the premiere website for Captain Marvel information!) here are some unpublished drawings of Billy and the good Captain from the proposal!!


cool, huh?

The Marvel Family website also had the little tidbit of information that the inker of the above Newton piece was none other than future Power of Shazam! writer/artist, Jerry Ordway!

Friday, April 20, 2007

Live action GATCHAMAN?

I've heard rumblings on line about a CG gatchaman movie by the guys who did the resent TMNT movie, but this is new to me.

If anyone can shed some light on this ( is it a series or a movie or whatever ) please let me know. looks hot

here's the video on question

Online Videos by

Monday, April 16, 2007

Artist Spotlight BRUCE TIMM

He's Mostly known for his work on BATMAN: THE ANIMATED SERIES.

His deceptively simplistic artwork is just simply beautiful to look it.

I found a nice gallery with an excellent collection of his pin up work.

Mr. Bruce Timm...


Saturday, April 14, 2007

Alanis Morrisette Remakes a Timeless Classic

I hate FERGIE and her undeserved fame,

Here's Alanis Morrissette remaking "MY HUMPS"

Dropping Loads on Fergies no talent ass!!!

Friday, April 6, 2007


I saw this on COLLECTION DX and lost my mind!

Bandai Japan and Jeweler GINZA TANAKA present an articulated Gundam FIX action figure made entirely out of platinum!
This Gundam will be presented at the 2007 Basel World Exposition in Switzerland.
Basel World is the worlds largest clock and ornament show, and it begins April 12, 2007.

The Gundam figure is made out of 89 Pure Platinum (Pt 1000) parts, and features 0.15 karat diamonds in the head. The figure has spent almost two years in production.

Although there are no plans to sell the toy, the 1,400g gundam has an estimated value of $250,000 (30 million Yen).

Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Wednesday, March 7, 2007

It's Bare Knuckle Brawlers Month on the SBS!!!

All this month I will be offering a veritable plethora ( thank you "El Guapo" ) yes a veritable cornucopia of the finest Real street fighting this side of CAPCOM. enjoy.

And remember children, violence for the sake of violence is a wonderful thing so find a kid in your neighborhood ( friend or foe, it doesn't really matter) and sock em one right in the eye!!

The Hole - video powered by Metacafe

Sunday, March 4, 2007

Whats really hood?

I found this vid on youtube , I don't know why but I enjoy it oh so much

Thursday, February 22, 2007

SPOTLIGHT: Tae Kim Hyung

Tae Kim Hyung,Korean Video Game RPG artist best known for MAGNA CARTA for PS2, I enjoy his work despite the fact that I feel his designs are reminicent of the earlier works of CAPCOM artist Akira Yasuda aka AKIMAN, he manages to add his own flavor to his characters. From Color pallets , costume designs even unique choice of weapons are Unique to Tae.
check out his gallery at this site.

Tuesday, February 20, 2007


Manufacturer: Sega
Year: 1992
Genre: Player beat em up
Conversion Class: Sega System 32
Number of Simultaneous Players: 4


Using one of four sprite-based humanoid characters overlayed on several layers of scrolling backgrounds, the player punches, kicks and jumps over enemies in a simulated 3-D playfield as he seeks to save Princess Luruna from the evil Sheikh Sazabiss. Power-ups enable use of magic and recharging of life energy.

A four-player simultaneous beat-em-up game based on the Sega System 32 arcade hardware. Four player-selectable Arabian-themed, anime-drawn heroes: Sinbat, Ramaya, Goldor and Datta fight through a number of levels to save the kidnapped Princess Luruna from the demonic magician Sheikh Sazabiss. The most interesting feature of Arabian Fight is the use of scaling.The sprites are huge,and as the player moves 'into' the screen,they decrease in size, increasing as you move 'out' of the screen.


This is a very rare game, I remember palying this game in between rounds of Street fighter Champion Edition and Samurai Showdown 2 in NYC penn station arcade before they closed down and turned it into a KMART, Very nice graphics With fun little out of the foreground action and large animated "Supers" that made this game unique.

I haven't seen this game anywhere else since then. If anyone knows where I can get my hand a
working MAME pack for this game please email me with the info.

Here are some pics and a video

Tuesday, February 13, 2007


Hey Kids,

Here's some intresting news reported by Josh B. over at :

We got to take a look at Hasbro’s new stuff for G.I. Joe and there are some big changes happening.

G.I Joe: A Real American Hero

Hasbro is doing a reboot of their 3¾ scale figures by going back to the original characters and original looks done with today’s engineering. Each figure sports at least twenty two points of articulations and numerous accessories. Figures will be sold in sets of five each, with two sets due in June, a Cobra set and a G.I. Joe set.

Here are some picks care of

Thursday, February 8, 2007

Very Nice Piece

Another hot collecable from japan:

MAP-02 Microman Merowlink w/Military Bike

Code: TKT71953 Series: Votoms

"Armor Hunter Merowlink," the 1988-89 OVA series spun off from "Armored Trooper Votoms," had a fervent following but no toys or kits back in the day. Now Takara makes up for lost time with this Micro Action Plus set of Merowlink Ality and his military bike with sidecar!

Pony-tailed Merowlink has 37 points of articulation, and comes with an optional goggle-wearing head, five pairs of optional arms, a removable nylon mantle, and of course an anti-AT rifle and pile bunker, his weapons of choice to give ATs back a faceful of their own kind of firepower! A lifesize dogtag base is included to display Merowlink standing, but he'll be most at home on his military bike. The motorcycle and its removable sidecar are loaded with details, from brake cables to opening sideboxes (and do not have the dirty splotches on the prototype pictured below). All in a sturdy display box with wide windows fore and aft that let you enjoy seeing the set if you'd rather not open it. Thanks, Takara!

Monday, February 5, 2007


No Posts today , My wife has the Flu and I'm Taken care of both her and my baby daughter so stay tuned

(here's something dirty to tide you over)

Cesorship in comics Part 1 ( DC )

It's my personal opinion that most comics published today are shit ( with exceptions of course ) but it doesn't help the consumer when Board members & Corporate PR management within these companies begin fucking with the art and story content of these books in the name political correctness. God forbid they Allow something different and new to make it onto the racks

case in point DC cancelled Garth Ennis's "THE BOYS" due to what they are calling "A difference in creative vision" the also released a statement saying that they are cancelling any future Trade publication of this book. Now I agree that "The BOYS"
is a little graphic with it's content, But considering DC's history with Garth Ennis ( PREACHER ) they knew what they where getting and what to expect from Mr. Ennis's writing style. DC should never have green lit the project if they where going to bail on the book by issue six. I'll do a retrospective on "the Boys" soon.

Here's a great article on the subject by Julian Darius From regarding censored pages from "the Authority" originally published by WildStorm Comics ( DC ). Julians a far better writer than I ( with a lot less swearing ) and he makes great observations on the subject.

At the very least it's worth A look for the unpublished Brian Hitch, Frank Quietley & Aurthur Adams Art Work:

Julian Darius

The 11 September 2001 terrorist attacks upon the United States of America left many Americans, and much of the world, seriously shaken and disturbed. Almost immediately, the shockwaves echoed throughout the artistic world: many speculated that Americans craved escapism and many artists experienced an existential crisis, wondering what their occupations meant in the wake of the trauma of the event. While Americans repeated the mantra that "the terrorists win" if their lives were altered because of 9/11, a simultaneous concern about being "insensitive" -- or receiving bad press -- led many companies to tone down violence in art, particularly terrorist or mass-scale urban violence. The trailers for the movie Spider-Man, for examples, featured criminals caught in a web spun between the two World Trade Center towers -- which, of course, were no longer there; the trailer was pulled and portions of the film reshot. Other films were delayed indefinitely. No artistic medium was spared from these reactions -- or perhaps overreactions -- and comics were no exception.

The Authority, then in its famously trailblazing run under writer Mark Millar, seemed an immediate target of corporate censorship. Since its inception under writer Warren Ellis, the title had been known for its "widescreen" violence on the scale of city-wide devastation. But this controversy went beyond violence into sexuality and politics. Team members Apollo and Midnighter -- analogues for Superman and Batman -- had been implicitly homosexual since Ellis had created them, but Millar had made this explicit. The team had deposed otherworldly governments under Ellis, but under Millar had moved to deposing real-world governments and opposing the U.S. government. DC (owner of WildStorm, which published the title) had censored the book at least since Millar's first issue (#13, cover-dated May 2000), including obscuring panels depicting violence and removing a kiss between Apollo and Midnighter. Reportedly, the company was concerned that the mass media would pick up that it was publishing an alternate version of Superman and Batman who were involved in a homosexual relationship, leading to a crisis within the cross-media Superman and Batman franchises. As 9/11 hit, The Authority #27 was scheduled for publication, offering the second chapter of Millar's final storyline; the first chapter had been published at the beginning of 2001, after which the storyline had faced a long hiatus (although fill-in issues were offered).

Larger Version Available

The cover, as publshed, to The Authority #27.

The first effect of 9/11 upon the Authority was the cancellation of The Authority: Widescreen, a special that had been scheduled to include a number of different stories -- one of which, it turned out, featured a battle in New York City with civilian casualties. The story would not have been out of character for the series, but were clearly regarded as unacceptable in the post-9/11 environment. Almost simultaneously, The Authority #27, with its long-delayed continuation of Millar's final storyline, was delayed in order to be reworked. Fans, already upset over DC's treatment of the revolutionary title, chaffed but generally prefered to see the conclusion of the storyline, even if it had to be delayed in the wake of history. The issue, pencilled by Arthur Adams, at last saw publication in December 2001.

It was only then that the real scandal hit. Rich Johnston, the comics gossip writer, broke the story that large-scale changes had been made to the issue. Apparently leaked by people at WildStorm who had been upset by DC's micro-management, many uncensored panels began appearing through Johnston. Some panels had been altered; others entirely redrawn. It soon became clear that most of the instances could not be attributed to 9/11. Many instances seemed related to sexual content and probably would have been censored anyway. Moreover, the fact that Arthur Adams had already drawn the issue prior to its censorship suggested a problem within the editorial ranks: the original version of the issue had apparently neared completion through WildStorm before being censored from further up at DC, itself owned by AOL / Time-Warner. It seemed to many that 9/11 had been used as an excuse for often unrelated censorship. All of this led to several conspiracy theories by the title's outraged fans.

Some changes were perhaps understandable from a commercial standpoint: The Authority was neither approved by the Comics Code, the censoring body established by the major comics companies in the 1950s in the wake of popular criticism (and the published theoretically sound but morally indignant articles of Dr. Wertham), nor labelled "suggested for mature readers" like DC's Vertigo line. Necrophilia, for example, just wasn't going to fly; the mere suggested desire for the same had been controvertial in Kubrick's final film, Eyes Wide Shut, and even DC's Vertigo imprint had not ventured so far. DC almost certainly was not interested in publishing the corpse of the team's dead leader, star of a recent mini-series, being used as a necrophilic object.

The censorship would continue in #28, which also saw censored panels leaked to Rich Johnston -- although not as many. Arthur Adams, who had himself been an artistic replacement on the storyline, himself quit -- while writer Mark Millar moved from polite understanding for DC to outright condemnation. Additional delays only compounded the outrage of fans. The storyline would at last conclude, under other artists, with #29 -- Millar's final issue and the final issue of the series. The Authority had become under Millar a top-selling title known for its aggressive and controversial nature, but this same nature lead to its censorship, delay, and ultimate cancellation.

The reality of leaked alternate versions, made possible by the internet, has allowed the following scholarly study of particular instances of censorship. I have attempted, wherever possible, to provide side-by-side comparisons between the printed and the censored versions. I have also included some material that, while not outright censored, simply never saw print.

The images themselves are copyrighted by DC Comics and are used here for scholarly purposes without depriving their owner of income. In fact, I encourage readers to purchase and study the comics themselves, conveniently available in trade paperback form. Both versions are enjoyable and The Authority, in either form, remains revolutionary -- which is, of course, why this scholarly study is of such importance. My hope is therefore that understanding these changes increases not only scholarly understanding but also interest and appreciation for the printed version.

Larger Version Available

Larger Version Available

Censorship of The Authority went back at least to Millar's first issue, #13, which originally specified the nation and its leader that the Authority invaded and toppled: Jakarta and President Habibe, then in the news for crimes against the population. Apparently, DC thought that the appearance of a murder fantasy against a living president was going too far, but thought too few people would recognize the president to change his visage.

Upper-right: the top of the original version of page 2 from The Authority #13, naming the nation as Jakarta.

Lower-right: the top of the original version of page 4 from The Authority #13, naming President Habibe.

Larger Version Available

Mark Millar's first storyline, running from #13 to #16, featured analogues of many Marvel Comics characters, most prominently including alternate versions of the Avengers. Neither Marvel nor the editors at DC were thrilled with this appropriation, and the design of the Commander -- the Captain America analogue -- was changed to render him more unique.

Right: the main section of the original cover to The Authority #14 (as it was solicited on page 85 of Previews volume X, number 2, cover-dated February 2000). It shows a version of the Captain America analogue that looks decisively more like the original.

Larger Version Available

Right: the original version of page 16 from The Authority #14, showing The Engineer's killing of the character analogous to the Hulk. In the bottom panel, The Engineer gives the middle finger to her foe's corpse. The original was changed to the British "two finger salute" for the printed version, a change easily discernable because the raised finger was simply copied and pasted to create a second raised finger. There seems little logic in this change, given that The Engineer is not British, and it seems to have been made to obscure the gesture that is considered by many to be obscene: most readers of the American comic would not recognize the British version. (The change also has the effect of emphasizing the fact that Mark Millar is British -- which has considerable cache since the British invasion of comic book writers, including Alan Moore and Neil Gaiman, in the 1980s.)

Additional changes occured in #14 as obscuring red filters were placed on a few panels showing the Authority kill.

Larger Version Available

Larger Version Available

Larger Version Available

Larger Version Available

Reports vary as to how much unpublished work Frank Quitely had completed upon his departure from the title, almost immediately following the publication of #22. Most reports specify only a few pages of #23 had been completed, meaning that #23 would almost certainly have been delayed in any case. Quitely had completed the next few covers, however, in order for them to be included with those issues' solitication. These covers were not censored and were probably not used to emphasize the replacement artistic team.

Left: the covers to The Authority #23, #9, and #27, respectively, as they were printed. The first, #23, contained the first chapter of "Transfer of Power," the four-issue fill-in storyline featuring the "new" Authority that replaced the team in #22. This change has been reflected in the logo and in the cover, which is itself an homage to that of #9. #27, the third issue at left, contained the second chapter to Mark Millar's "Brave New World" storyline, the first chapter of which appeared in #22 and was illustrated by Frank Quitely just before he quit.

Right: the cover (printed on the letters page of #22) that would have been that to the second chapter of "Brave New World" if Frank Quitely had not quit, in which case it would have been published in The Authority #23 (rather than #27). Note that the logo was scheduled to change to reflect the new team prior to the fill-in storyline. While not an homage to any particular issue, Quitely's cancelled cover is reminiscent of several earlier covers for The Authority that featured the entire team.

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Left: the main section, sans titles and indicia, of the cover, as it was printed, of The Authority #28, containing the third chapter of "Brave New World."

Right: the main section, sans titles and indicia, of Frank Quitely's original cover for The Authority #24. The issue was to have contained the third chapter of "Brave New World," which saw print as #28. Note that both covers show Apollo and Midnighter fighting Seth.

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The Authority: Widescreen, a special featuring various stories, was cancelled in the wake of the 11 September attacks because it featured urban carnage in New York City -- including people being pulled out from under wrecked buildings. Reports vary as to how much of the contents for Widescreen were complete at the time of its cancellation.

Right: the cover to The Authority: Widescreen.

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By the time The Authority #27 was published, featuring the second part of "Brave New World" (originally intended for #23), Arthur Adams had replaced Frank Quitely as artist. His cover (Quitely's having been scrapped) was noted as a bloody close-up, although an earlier version has materialized.

Left: the main section, sans titles and indicia, to the cover of The Authority #27 as it was printed.

Right, an earlier (though, as far as anyone knows, not censored but simply redrawn) version by Arthur Adams. (Note that the "X"s are common comics illustrators' vernacular to indicate that an inker should fill the area with solid black.)

Just as Authority #1 introduced the original team by showing them in combat accompanied by introductory captions, so Millar cleverly introduced the new Authority in #27. Here Teuton, the German replacement for Apollo, is introduced; in the entirely redrawn printed version, he throws some 30th-century teenagers to their deaths, but in the original he used himself as a projectile -- much as the terrorists used commercial flights filled with civilians as projectiles in the devastating 11 September attack.

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Left: a portion of page 4 from The Authority #27 as it was printed.

Right: the same portion of page 4 as Arthur Adams originally drew it based on Mark Millar's script.

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The introductory sequence concludes with the Colonel, an English football hooligan who serves as replacement for Jenny Sparks. The printed and original versions are the same except that the details of the head being used as a football were obscured for publication.

Left: the bottom panel of page 5 from The Authority #27 as it was printed.

Right: the same panel of page 5 as Arthur Adams originally drew it.

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Note the nipple in Adams's original.

Left: a selection from the bottom panel of page 6 from The Authority #27 as it was printed.

Right: the same area of page 6 as Arthur Adams originally drew it.

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The egoism shown in the printed version of the Colonel's personalization of the beer can-strewn entrance to his room felt amusing but fettered. And indeed it was; in the original, it was covered with derogatory expressions of every sort (except of course for lesbiens, who are welcomed). But the real shocker here is the Colonel's perks, provided after he mentioned he fancied the dead Jenny Sparks. In the utterly redrawn printed version, he is provided with three look-alikes, beautifully shown half-dressed and clearly well-used. In the original, however, the powers-that-be dug up Jenny's corpse, letting the Colonel have his object of desire more directly -- and having necrophilia committed upon a valorized dead central character! Though the replacement here was nice, the issue's theme was that the new Authority has utterly conquered and humiliated the originals, and this theme is considerably lessened by not extending it to the humiliated originals' dead leader.

Left: the bottom of page 8 of The Authority #27 as it was printed.

Right: the bottom of page 8 as Arthur Adams originally drew it based on Mark Millar's script.

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Both versions of Swift's humiliation in #27 have a domesticated Swift in the kitchen. Whereas in the entirely re-drawn printed version she (formerly a vegetarian) is slaving over an elaborate meal of chicken, in the original she was doing the dishes -- with her tongue.

Left: the top of page 13 of The Authority #27 as it was printed.

Right: the top of page 13 as Arthur Adams originally drew it based on Mark Millar's script.

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In both versions, the domesticated Swift interacts with her new master. In the entirely re-drawn printed version, he brushes off her cooking, putting his cigar out in it. In the original, he calls her over (probably in a word balloon in what became a silent panel) and uses her mouth as an ashtray in a shot that is heavily reminiscent of oral sex. Indeed, the original version has a remarkable orality: Swift's mouth is used as a garbage disposal and an ashtray, leaving us to wonder what else it has received.

Left: the top of page 13 of The Authority #27 as it was printed.

Right: the top of page 13 as Arthur Adams originally drew it based on Mark Millar's script.

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The original clearly features George W. Bush, the newly-elected President of the United Sates known for his corporate sponsorship. Speculation raged, after this panel was released in January 2002, that Bush's visage had been removed because criticizing him had been deemed unpatriotic in the wake of the 11 September terrorist attacks, especially since the cowardly word balloon assigned to him might recall his criticized fleeing the Eastern seaboard and his administration's evacuation of the White House on the day of the attacks. Compare this alteration with the depersonalization of President Habibe in #13 and the explicit depiction of President Clinton in the same issue.

Left: a panel from page 18 of The Authority #27 as it was printed.

Right: the same panel as Arthur Adams originally drew it based on Mark Millar's script.

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This censorship continued into The Authority #28 (published in February 2002), though apparently to a lesser extent because Millar and Adams had adjusted the script and illustration in the wake of their experience on the preceding issue.

Here Teuton confesses his plan to sexually experiment with Apollo before the latter's demise. The central two panels have been entirely redrawn. In the first of the two, Teuton originally had actually begun to molest Apollo. In the second, The Midnighter's shooting Teuton through the head was originally caught a moment later, allowing for greater detail of the carnage -- which seems to include a nail, which implies that The Midnighter is using a high-power nail gun. This is exactly the sort of "problem" that was solved by a red, detail-obscuring filter in Millar's earliest issues. (In any case, how a nail gun -- or even a plasma blaster -- could, to use a suggestive expression, penetrate Teuton's head is left unexplained.)

NOTE: The use of the word "censored" as opposed to "edited" can be troublesome, though I reject the notion that a publisher, even as the owner of the artistic property in question, should be said to "edit" when the same action, taken by a governmental institution or a distributor, would be called "censorship." I generally prefer lack of censorship for moral and artistic reasons, although I recognize a publisher's need to censor in certain circumstances as well as the fact that the result, especially when generated as a compromise by the artists, may sometimes be superior to the original, censored version. But let's call a spade a shovel, shall we?