Friday, December 31, 2010


Fireworks provided by the star spangled avenger and the north Korean army.

and remember kiddies, guns don't kill people.
(unless they're being wielded by the most bad ass super soldier of them all!)

Hope you enjoyed 2010, cause it's over Johnny......IT'S OVER!!!

(art by cap artist extraordinaire, Ron Garney.)

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Marvel vs Capcom 3 : Alternate Costumes Preview

By Seth Killian MVC3 developer

courtesy of

As far as career highlights go, working on Marvel vs. Capcom 3 for Marvel definitely ranks way up there for me. (And as far as obvious statements I’ve made go, my last sentence ranks pretty highly itself.) From the start, I’ve had the honor of personally working closely with Capcom to ensure everything Marvel in the game feels appropriately, well, “Marvel”—from character designs to environments to the phrases that come out of the characters’ mouths. Basically, I’ve acted as a fan on the inside, making sure that the stuff in the game is as cool as it’s always been in Marvel fighting games from Capcom—actually, to do my best to help it become even better!

That’s a tall order, too—they may be on the other side of the world, but the folks developing the game really know their Marvel characters! But one of the things I’m proud to say I’ve actively helped to influence was the creation of alternate color schemes for all of the characters. As a holiday gift to you—or maybe just to show all this cool stuff off on the internet—I’d like to show you the kinds of things I’ve worked with the team to bring to the game in this regard.

First, some back story of what I’m talking about here, in case you’re new to this whole Capcom fighting-game thing. Basically, a game like this allows you to pit the exact same characters against themselves, providing the need for differentiation of their visual presentation. With a few exceptions (such as Gray Hulk), this has always meant some sort of random color variation without a ton of thought behind why, leading to characters like the “mango Sentinel” that makes you think of the New York Knicks (hardcore MvC2 fans know exactly why that reference is so Pringles…). So…I took it upon myself to help in putting a ton of thought into the color variations this time.

If you know comics, you know most characters have one or two iconic outfits we associate with, in many cases, many others we don’t. What follows is a small sample of the color variations you can expect when you play MvC3, plus an explanation of the thought that went behind each, usually based on less iconic ensembles. There were two key rules we had to deal with as we selected each alternate color scheme:

1. Gameplay comes first, so the color scheme has to differ enough from the others to easily differentiate in the heat of battle. Because of this, we can’t do alternates like “Bucky Cap” for Captain America—they’re just not different enough.

2. The color scheme has to fit on the character model. For this reason, I hesitate to call these “alternate costumes” (although in some cases, they actually are). With so many characters, changing the models to get completely authentic alternates in there would delay the game quite a bit—and we think you want to play in February. You’ll see some examples of this below.

So, with that in mind, here are five characters, along with their three alternate color schemes, along with the story behind each. And yes—they all have a story.


Here, we have Tony Stark’s primary suit of choice, based on the popular Extremis look he’s sported with regularity over the past few years. (Yeah, yeah… I know he’s not wearing it now—he’s just worn it a lot’s all I’m sayin’…)

The team would love to have gotten the “Tin Can” first-ever look for Iron Man from TALES OF SUSPENSE #39 in there… but adapting the color scheme to this character model will have to do.

The stealth suit is just plain badass. It hasn’t appeared much in the comics, but we don’t care. It serves the color differentiation purposes well, plus it’s actually a fairly close fit to the source material.

And, my personal favorite—the Silver Centurion color scheme. Actually, I think this combination of Silver Centurion colors with Extremis svelte makes for my favorite Iron Man costume ever.


That’s right, bub—this is the primary look Wolvie’s been sporting since ASTONISHING X-MEN #1 in 2004. You might not notice at first, but it’s actually quite different from his similarly colored MvC2 outing, especially in the lower legs and, uh, ear things.

I’m proud to say I’m friends with Craig Kyle, the co-creator of X-23, as well as the new take on X-Force that started in 2008 (and producer on next year’s THOR movie—guy gets around!). The new X-FORCE comic—which was recently relaunched as UNCANNY X-FORCE—introduced this great gray/black color scheme for Marvel’s most popular mutant.

Another classic! The brown suit is predictable, sure, but it’s gotta go in there. Of course, the ASTONISHING X-MEN model adds some variation to it we’ve never seen before, but I kind of like that, actually.

When it came to the fourth suit, the pickings suddenly got slim—so I resorted to expanding the idea a bit here by dipping into one of my all-time favorite (if all-time convoluted) X-Men stories, “Age of Apocalypse.” You might recall Wolvie was missing a hand in that one and didn’t have a mask. Well, this is what he looked like right before he lost the hand! Right? Two hands and a mask. The justification works for me, and I’m sticking to it. Frankly, I’m just glad I got some AoA love in there.


The classic look of Jennifer Walters.

Now, this might stir up a bit of She-Hulk controversy, but rather than go with the “She-Hulk in the Fantastic Four” costume you might predict, Capcom convinced us that the “Lyra in the Frightful Four” look was better for gameplay—Lyra having a red outfit and red hair and all. Plus, in a weird way you get an extra character (who just so happens to move and talk like Jennifer Walters). Wait, you don’t know Lyra? Read some SHE-HULKS then, written by the guy I could throw Pac-Man figures at from my desk if I wanted to, Harrison Wilcox.

And the “She-Hulk that isn’t Jennifer Walters” theme continues with this ensemble, which you may have seen in Damon Lindelof’s—yeah, the LOST guy—ULTIMATE WOLVERINE VS. HULK. In the Ultimate Universe, She-Hulk is actually Betty Ross, not Jennifer Walters.

Oh, and speaking of Betty Ross…we’ve also got a take on Red She-Hulk.


You might have played a game or two wearing this suit before.

Maybe even this one.

And less likely, but still possibly, this one.

Definitely not this one, though. (Dan Slott, where you at?...)


Behold, the Master of Magnet! …Uh, -ism. The Master of Magnetism! (Sorry about that, X-chickens—X-Men Arcade new on Xbox Live and PSN and all…)

In the Ultimate Universe, they spell “Erik Lehnsherr” as “Erik Lensherr,” and he prefers darker hues mixed with a deeper shade of red.

Mixing it up a bit is Magneto from the Mutant X Universe. No big yellow X on his belt, but hey…if you ask me, it’s an improvement.

Finally, you might know this version of a Magneto as a version of Magneto I can’t say on a family blog like this—let’s just call him “MAG-F#$%IN’-NETO”! That’s right. The MvC2 variant from that delightfully profane, wildly popular viral video. Gotta respect the old school (pardon me—OLD SCHOOL!), my friends…

So, there you have it—the first in what I hope is a series of blog entries like these that reveal all the alternate color schemes of all the Marvel characters, plus the thinking behind each and every one. Of course, your comments will inspire me to get off my butt and actually do it, so please, let me know what you think. The more thoughtful your comments, the more inspired I’ll be to reveal more. So, on that note…



I don't know what goes into casting a major Hollywood motion picture but Marky Mark Walberg as Nathan Drake (uncharted movie) really burns my coils.

Fans of the series recognize Nathan Fillon, best know for his work on TV's FIREFLY, ABC's CASTLE and SERENITY as a dead on match for the Nathan Drake. From his looks to his mannerisms it seems that the game designers had Fillon in mind when developing the character for the game and would seem like a no brainer for the roll.

instead we get this:

"Wahlberg finds his Bourne" that's not how I remember it.

A fan posted this video where he asked director David O'Russell about the casting choice and he seemed like he could give a rats @$$ about who's playing what in the Uncharted movie.

here's the clip:

Wahlberg should stick to producing boring shows about vapid hollywood groupies
and gracefully bow out of this roll. Why? because I feel it's going to be another charmless
Tomb Raideresque romp with non of the humor and wit that made the Uncharted
series a joy to play and to watch.

But that's just my Two cents.

Sunday, December 19, 2010

The New Conan O'Brien Show.

I've never laughed out loud at anything Jay Leno has done on TV or in the movies.

Conan on the other hand has his moments of awesomeness.

This hilarious clip from the new Conan show is proof positive that NBC execs are mentally deficient.


Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Holiday greetings from Adam Hughes

A nice little holiday x Star wars piece by Mr. Hughes.

Happy Chrismahanukwanzikaa by *AdamHughes on deviantART

UNCHARTED 3 Gameplay footage ( J.Fallon)

Here's a clip from the Jimmy Fallon show of the next installment of what could be the greatest action adventure gaming franchise, Uncharted.

here's the clip ( sorry about the ads ):

Thursday, December 9, 2010

Storm and C. Viper make the cut (MVC3)

Storm, former pick pocket/ X-men / Dracula's concubine / Mohawk punk chick / Leader of the Morlocks and X-men / queen of Wakanda and Goddess of Thunder made the roster of Marvel vs Capcom 3

Oh I almost forgot, C.Viper made it as well

Sunday, December 5, 2010

Da CyberMon

Some old school Dr. Who Hi jinks for my people from the Islands.

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

10 Awesome Flybys courtesy of the USAF

Something to hold you all over until the next Ace Combat comes out next year.


Top 10 Low Pass Flybys - Watch more Funny Videos


And we're back from our November hiatus and I want to focus on what's going on in the monthly books.

The this week we take a look at Deadpool Team up # 887 where the overexposed (he's in Six titles at the moment...and counting) merc with a mouth finds himself looting the fallen remains of Asgard where he runs into the Mighty Thor and we get a nice little don't ask don't tell moment in Three little panels.


Friday, November 5, 2010

AMC's "Walking Dead" premiere episode

I just have to support this show with a plug, it's that damn good!

Just in case you missed the premiere episode of what could be my favorite TV series of all time, I've taken the liberty of throwing it up here for your enjoyment.

( in case your bored at work )


Thursday, October 28, 2010

Doodling with the ipad: Kitty sketch

I recently got my grubby fingers on an ipad, after testing it's ability to stream porn on the fly, I decided to try my luck at finger painting on the damn thing.

First I needed a serviceable app. that wouldn't cause me to throw the damn thing against the wall. I bought Art Studio for about $4.99 in the app store you get a nice set of tools to draw with (layers, brushes, pallets).

first I started doodling a Catwoman in the app with a .5 blue pencil just going at it like a fine napkin drawing like so:

Kitty Sketch : Artstudio ipad by ~Grandaiza on deviantART

Then I decided to try my luck at inking and coloring the damn thing, which didn't turn out too bad except for the murky background which couldn't be helped since I learned the layer controls after I started this piece.

Kitty final : Artstudio ipad by ~Grandaiza on deviantART

The Hello kitty statue in the background was an afterthought ( so was the entire piece for that matter )

next up I started working on a Chun Li piece that I'll share once it's finished (you can see the sketches on my deviantart site) once that's finished, I'll start working on my characters for this story I've been siting on for a while.


Saturday, October 16, 2010

I can't make this $#!t up vol. # 533 : Raptor Jesus

Now I've seen my fair share of crazy $h!t online, from Italian spider-man to three girls and a cup but this one just had me giggling like a 5 year old wired on chocolate covered frosted sugar bombs.

Raptor Jesus has apparently been around for years ( Don't believe me? google it ya heathen ), people have been taking images the Lord and adding a Velociraptor head on them pissing off creationists and Darwinist all over the internet.

Me I just love me some weird internet buffoonery.

Here he is rocking dual Uzi's

Tending to the Lame ( in this case Professor Charles Xavier )

Laying hands

Shepherding the meek

Renaissance style

Or just taking care of business.

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Star wars force unleashed 2 demo impression

As a star wars fan, I really enjoyed the first game so much so that I still find myself playing the original from time to time, even though some of Starkillers moves where a bit choppy it still made for some of the best star wars gaming available on current consoles.

( Lucas arts, get to work on that x-wing vs tie fighter for Ps3 pronto. )

Well I'm pleased to report that it looks like Vader's secret apprentice has been training in-between games with Kratos cause the kid is swift! Dual lightsabers moving with enough speed and grace to make the god of war himself green with envy. he also borrowed the "rage gauge" from Kratos, string together attacks and you gauge slowly fills, once filled click down on your L3 & R3 buttons and you can dole out insane combo moves at twice the speed.

The new Jedi mind trick move is awesome, sending hapless weak minded fools leaping to their death. I'm told that once upgraded this new ability will allow you to actually turn stormtroopers against each other but this feature was not available in the demo.

I was able to fight a carbonite spewing battle droid trying to bring me in alive, force grabbing plums of the substance and hurl it back at the droid, freeze it and take it apart with a variety of force powers.

If the demo is any indication this one's a winner, my only concern is the amount of levels and the games length but that I'll save for the review.

here's footage of the demo in action available now on xbox 360 and ps3!

Saturday, October 9, 2010

NYCC coverage part 2 : Marvel vs Capcom 3.

First of I want to reassure everyone freaking out over the horribly cheesy character voices, Capcom rep at NYCC confirmed that the option to change to the Japanese voices will be incorporated into the US version ( like Super Street Fighter 4)

That being said the game plays a lot like Tatsunoko vs Capcom ( which didn't bode well for me since I've only played that game a handful of times. The game looks terrific, feels responsive but the control scheme change threw me for a loop, but I'm sure the option to change the controller to a more familiar set up will be in the final version.

Big announcement characters will have complete alternate costumes!

(the following Four costumes have been confirmed for Spidey)

So will we see Layton's Iron man?

Simonson's Thor?

Mr. Fixit?

only time will tell.


MODOK (Mental Organism Designed Only for Killing) insane!

MAGNETO ( A classic )

ARTHUR ( Ghouls N Ghosts )

Spencer ( bionic Commando )

The only thing worth hating about this game for me is the release date of Spring 2011!

NYCC coverage part 1 : The cosplayers

I thought I'd start my coverage of the NY comic-con with the people who's love of comics and gaming compels them to dress up as their favorite characters, the back bone of any gathering of nerds.....the cos-players.

I give props to anyone who'll go out in public in tight ass spandex but in my opinion, cosplay should be reserved exclusively for chicks with tight bods or people with the resources to produce
accurate replicas of what they're trying to depict.

and now on with the show!

(click on images to enlarge)

The Good

the Marvel Family looking good with they're accurate ( hey where's CM jr? ) Mary Marvel,
The Wizard Shazam, "dad" as Uncle Marvel and the little lady as Captain Marvel.

Lil Miss Riddler gets an "A" for effort.

I know, Booth Babes shouldn't count, but look at those guns!

X-23, wolverines younger female clone ( don't ask ) and playable character in Marvel vs Capcom 3. this chick pulls off the emaciated emo mutie teen look nicely.
The dueling Leia's rocked!
The Monarch's Henchmen ( Venture Bros. ) again thank you for not rocking a spandex version
of this suit and sparing me that vision.

The Bad

I give "Two-face" credit for the face makeup but the suit could have easily been distressed or burned on one side. Catwoman is phoning it in with her tribute to the 1988 Batman returns look. Ivy's costume actually works but for posing with these other two knuckleheads, I lumped her into the "bad" pile.
Napoleon Dynamite is SNAKE!
The flash costume isn't bad, but something is just off with his look.
Accurate kick ass costume, but it's he loses points for taking off the mask...Commit damn it!
either your Kick ass or not.

The Ugly

This poor bastard with his dirty left glove (hmmmm?) swimming cap and orange mustache.. you can practically smell him through your screen, he's the embodiment of everything that's wrong with comic shops.

Go home and take a bath sir! invest in some deodorant before you go out in public again.

that's it for the costumes, next post we'll look at some of the cool toys at the con.

Thursday, September 30, 2010

Hail to the King, baby! Red Dead Redemption: Undead Nightmare

Now here's some downloadable content that I'm definitely willing to pay $10 for.

Zombie's and the old west? I'm there dude.

Wednesday, September 29, 2010


My wife was looking over my shoulder as I was posting this video,
she curiously asked " what is that?"

I told her it was the new season of the wonder pets.


Anyhow, I found this clip of the Anime Cat Sh!t One strangely amusing
and thought I'd share it with you

EMBED-Trailer for 'Cat Shit One: Apocalypse Meow' - Watch more free videos

Damn you Steve Jobs! My iPad review

Through some finagling I've happened to get my hands on a 16Gb 3G iPad and I can't put this damn thing down. It's sleek, easy to use and perfect for web browsing on the fly, reading comics, watching movies.

I've had it for a little over a week now and I can't imagine myself not having it at my side.
Reading comics with my favorite music in the background, the effortless switching between apps
And I haven't even bothered to activate the 3G ( I am, however looking into other less expensive 3G options for the pad, sorry At&t but your service in the city is less than reliable and a bit over priced).

So if your looking for a second ( or Third ) device to lug around, I highly recommend the iPad.

Just be leery of gadget snatchers when your out in public, but that's a post for another day.

Saturday, September 18, 2010

Super Street Fighter 4 : New Characters Confirmed

Yun and Yang, The twin Kung fu fighters from the Street Fighter 3 series have been confirmed for the arcade editiion of Super Street fighter 4 and will soon be available as downlaodable content for the PS3 and Xbox 360.

I'm not a Yun and Yang player ( shit I can't even tell them apart ) but I'm sure someone who plays SSF4 online must be jumping for joy. ( I would have preffered Alex or Q from SF: 3 )

here's a clip:

Thursday, September 16, 2010


Here's some MVC3 gameplay footage of the recently announced Tron Bonne from Mega Man Legends and Marvel vs Capcom 2 with her trusty servbot.

and the controversial X-23, wolverine's female teenage clone that I believe he's taken under his wing in the comics ( who can tell nowadays, Wolverine is in every Marvel title )

The only thing that concerns me are the English voices for all the characters, I kind of miss the Japanese voices with their broken "engrish" for certain moves.

oh well hopefully Capcom will add a Japanese voice option like SSF4.

here's the clip, enjoy:

Wednesday, September 15, 2010


This is beyond awesome for so many reasons I just had to share it on my site:

Courtesy of the comic alliance

Thursday, September 9, 2010


I 'm really digging the look, which looks like the Bryan Hitch Cap design for "the Ultimates"
Cap has always been one of my favorite characters and I'm actually glad that they're going back to WW2 to do some good ole fashion Ratzi bashing

(on a government issue Harley with mounted guns under the headlights!)


Tuesday, September 7, 2010

And we're back!

Sorry for the time off, I just wanted to finish up some housework and enjoy the nice weather with family and friends.

We'll resume our usual shenanigans as of tomorrow.

Thursday, August 12, 2010


I would have definitely preferred this over those fucking God awful prequels.

enjoy, bitches.

Thursday, August 5, 2010


I'm in an attempt to keep this trailer up for as long as possible, I'm flying this one under the radar by not mentioning what movie it's for and avoid getting a "cease and desist" notice from a certain comic book company / Movie studio.


Uploaded by maxspyder. - More lifestyle, fashion and how-to videos.

Wednesday, July 28, 2010


I don't know where to begin with I'm starting this post with a fitting, appropriate video clip that sums up how I feel right now......

Capcom wants to give you the roster to MvC3 in drips and drabs but I can't bite my tongue any longer, I have it on a very reliable source that the following are THE remaining characters. Call me crazy but when the "official" announcement comes, remember where you heard it first.

ready? here we go:


MIKE HAGGAR ( Final Fight, Saturday Night Slammasters)
FRANK WEST (Dead Rising)
ARTHUR ( Ghouls n Ghosts )
ALBERT WESKER ( Resident Evil )
ZERO ( Mega Man Zero )
TRON BONNE ( Mega man, MvC2 )
HSIEN-KO ( Darkstalkers )
CHUCK SPENCER ( That new Bionic commando guy with the claw arm )
AKUMA ( Raging demon coming at ya! )
FELICIA ( Cat chick from Darkstalkers )


WAR MACHINE ( James Rhodes, see IM2 )
MR. FANTASTIC ( Reed Richards, leader of the Fantastic Four )
ELEKTRA ( Greek ninja chick that had a thing with Daredevil )
X-23 ( Wolverine's clone "daughter" and member of X-force )
MAGNETO ( X-men Adversary / Ally )
SHUMA-GORATH ( From the "evil squid demon" dimension )
EMMA FROST ( Half naked mutie psi-witch )
TASKMASTER ( Merc with Photographic reflexes )
SHE-HULK ( Jenny Walters, Lawyer, super heroine, Juggernaut's friend with benefits )
SPIDER-MAN ( I think he's a photographer or something )


Although the thought of aa console MMOPRG with DC superheroes really appeals to me, I a little sad that none of the gameplay footage that I've seen gives me any hope for this title.

I know it's a work in progress but with the release date right around the corner I've yet to see something other than a spiffy CG trailer that compel me to play this game. Here are some of the points that believe this game will have going against it at launch:

  • COST : $59.99+ tax and an additional $14 a month if you don't have a PS+ account or the slightly better deal of getting a PS+ account for $50 per year and you get to play this game for free, HULU plus and wipeout HD included for that price. It's still an extra cost that PS3 console gamers are not used to.
  • COMPETITION: With the huge selection of established and soon to be released multiplayer games that are for the most part you are able to play for free online with your "friends" I can't imagine that this game has a snowballs chance in hell of taking off, which takes us to my next critique.
  • GAMEPLAY: looks bad, from what I can gather, it suffers from bad collision, the animations are choppy and the in game world look just bland ( think Nintendo 64 superman). I mean at this point and time you would think that Sony, one of the early pioneers of the multiplayer online gaming world, would have gotten there shit together when it comes to MMORPG by now.

Here's the "sizzle" in the form of the comic con CG trailer for the game, which I have to say had me sold in the first 30 seconds:

And here's the "steak" an approximation of what your getting for $59.99 + $14 a month.

Wednesday, July 21, 2010


With almost a year before the game drops, Capcom has decided to give us the roster to their much anticipated fighting game in drips and drabs ( and like a true sucker I'm hanging on with baited breath to every announcement waiting for either Thor or Ben Grimm )


- CHUN LI ( a shoe in, she's ever missed a game)
- TRISH ( The Female interest in Devil May Cry, don't know much about her but she looks fun )


- DOCTOR DOOM (It's funny that they would announce him and not an obvious character like Spiderman)

- SUPER SKRULL (This bodes bad for any of the Fantastic Four making it into the game since he's covers all of their powers in one green little package )

here's the clip:

Here's my MvC3 obscure wishlist:


- Q ( Street Fighter 3 : 3rd Strike - Mystery man wearing a trench coat and an Ultraman mask.)
- DR. WILEY ( Mega Man Villain who summons evil robots )
- ARTHUR ( Fabled king and hero from the classic Ghouls N Ghosts series )
- FOCKER ( Power Stones Pilot guy )
- HAYATO ( from Rival Schools , the gym teacher that makes you do push-ups)
- PHEONIX WRIGHT ( Who wouldn't want to beat up an Ace Attorney? )


- THOR ( He's got a movie coming out, now's the time to get Storm out of there and give the God of Thunder his due)
- Mr. IMPOSSIBLE ( It would be insane, but oh so much fun )
- IRON FIST ( With out question )
- MANDARIN ( 10 Rings of fun for everyone )
- MOON KNIGHT or DAREDEVIL ( I'll take what I can get )

But my number one must have character is Chauncey Streets very own the ever loving blue eyed THING - BEN GRIMM!

Monday, July 19, 2010


(This one's for Pete, the worlds biggest Spider-fan)

The latest run of Amazing Spiderman was quiet fun, but the final chapter had the "I wonder if spiderman would ever get angry enough to use his sticky little fingers to rip someone face off" moment.

And who could push the wise-cracking, cool as a cucumber Parker over the edge?

Non other than Kraven's wife and kids who murdered Madame Web, Spider Girl ( Cassandra Kane ) and another spidey clone Kaine ( don't ask ) in a bizarre ritual to resurrect Kraven who blew his own head off in the now classic "Last Hunt" story.

Dig the sound effect "SCHRIIIIIIIPPP" gruesome!

(from Marvel's amazing spiderman # 627 )

Thursday, July 15, 2010


The nice people at the New York Comic Con were kid enough to grant Grandaiza press credentials for this years con!

Fri Oct 8th , Sat 9th and Sun 10th at the Jacob Javitz center in Manhattan.

for more info click below:

Monday, July 12, 2010


Awesome live streaming of the fights with commentary, big thanks to the team at

This is the first time that I actually watched the matches leading up to the finals and I have to say I was blown away with the variety of characters selected and pleasantly surprised to see that players are breaking away from characters that I consider boring like Sagat, Ken and Ryu.

Super Street Fighter 4 SEMI-FINALS
Justin Wong (Rufus) vs Gamerbee (Adon)
(One of my favorite matches)

Not for any cool moves or super comback, what made this match for me was the on camera pre-fight interview where the favored Justin Wong was overheard by Gamerbee stating that Adon was a weak bottom tier character, so what does Gamerbee do? he eliminates Justin with.....Adon, bazinga!

and now on to the Final Match:

Super Street Fighter 4

Finalists Daigo vs Ricky Ortiz


Saturday, July 10, 2010

EVO 2010 LIVE!

Evo 2010 fighting game tournament is going on right now in Las Vegas.

SSF4, MvsC2, TvsC, and Much more!

Now you can catch all the action live from Vegas this weekend on!

just click below and enjoy:

Video streaming by Ustream

Tuesday, July 6, 2010


Here's a little video that I stumbled upon while searching google for my username and blog, apparently one of the players of this Super Street Fighter 4 team battle was so impressed by my Blanka skills that he had to share it with the world.

All kidding aside, I love this age of online gaming and video sharing, it's simply amazing (like my street fighting skills)

Check out the video below and enjoy:


I was doing some adjusting / cleaning of my display case and I figured I'd take a picture for the site.

most of these guys on the top Two shelves from Bandai's Soul of Chogokin line, they're about 8" to 9" tall and made mostly out of die-cast metal.

The bottom shelf is an eclectic mix of cool looking mechs from various shows...but we'll get to them later.


Shelf one robot roll call From Left to Right : Great Mazinger, Raideen, Getter Liger, Getter Posiedon, Battle Fever Robo, Mazinger.


Robot Roll call shelf Two : Grandaiza w/ UFO and 3 Speizer set, Doublas, Aphrodite X, Garada, Gaiking Dragon & Vehicles, Gaiking robot.


Shelf 3: 1/100 Metallic Shiki, 1/100 Zeta Gundam, 1/35 Scopedog Red Shoulder Customs (x4), Revoltech Hiraku and Focker Valkyries, 1/35 and 1/18th Strike Dogs and a 1/35 BloodSucker (Votoms), SOC spec Xabugle.

Just looking for a Soul of Chogokin GX-18 Getter Dragon for a decent price to complete my 70's - 80's Super Robot collection and I'm done......for now.