Wednesday, July 28, 2010


Although the thought of aa console MMOPRG with DC superheroes really appeals to me, I a little sad that none of the gameplay footage that I've seen gives me any hope for this title.

I know it's a work in progress but with the release date right around the corner I've yet to see something other than a spiffy CG trailer that compel me to play this game. Here are some of the points that believe this game will have going against it at launch:

  • COST : $59.99+ tax and an additional $14 a month if you don't have a PS+ account or the slightly better deal of getting a PS+ account for $50 per year and you get to play this game for free, HULU plus and wipeout HD included for that price. It's still an extra cost that PS3 console gamers are not used to.
  • COMPETITION: With the huge selection of established and soon to be released multiplayer games that are for the most part you are able to play for free online with your "friends" I can't imagine that this game has a snowballs chance in hell of taking off, which takes us to my next critique.
  • GAMEPLAY: looks bad, from what I can gather, it suffers from bad collision, the animations are choppy and the in game world look just bland ( think Nintendo 64 superman). I mean at this point and time you would think that Sony, one of the early pioneers of the multiplayer online gaming world, would have gotten there shit together when it comes to MMORPG by now.

Here's the "sizzle" in the form of the comic con CG trailer for the game, which I have to say had me sold in the first 30 seconds:

And here's the "steak" an approximation of what your getting for $59.99 + $14 a month.

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