Saturday, May 31, 2008

Resident Evil 5 trailer Racist or are people too sensitive?

Chris Redfield is back and this time he's taking on the dark continent.
A lot of folks are calling foul on capcom for setting the game in Africa.
some even say it's racist.

 I personally believe that zombies should be exterminated on sight 
regardless of race, color or sexual orientation.  

Also, resident evil 4 took place in the spanish country side, 
where if memory serves me, Mr. Leon Kennedy killed half of Spain 
trying to contain that damn virus.
As a Hispanic American, I didn't feel their was a need to cry foul 
when my Mother land was attacked. 

And did we hear any outcry from the gaming community or the press? 
Not at all, it was just another romp in the zombie infested R.E. universe.
So get over it, it's just a game people, and zombies must be destroyed regardless. 

( or they will eat what little brains we have left)

enjoy the trailer

John B. out!!

Thursday, May 29, 2008

H.A.W.X Developer interview

courtesy of IGN

As a fan of aerial combat games, I really hope this turns out as good as it looks

check it:

Wednesday, May 28, 2008

We shall overcome !

we support all of our male brethren around the globe.

fight gender segregation.

Sunday, May 25, 2008

50 Most Memorable Movie Cars part 4

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A couple of quick notes before we get started. For the most part, we're only picking one car per film. Also, a car has to show up in a movie to make it on the list, so KITT and the A-Team van don't make it. And the rankings refer to how memorable a car is, not how cool it is (that would be a much different list). Lastly, a special thanks to our friends at The Internet Movie Car Database for use of their screenshots and car data.

Let's continue, shall we?


20. Christine

Type of car: 1958 Plymouth Fury

Special features: Self-repairing, evil

Appears in: Christine

When Plymouth introduced the Fury name in 1957, it was essentially a sport and trim package on the Belvedere model. And the red paint and interior were custom orders; those options weren't regularly available on the real cars. But what other color works on a demonic, murderous car - beige? We don't think so.


Risky Business

19. Joel's dad's Porsche

Type of car: 1981 Porsche 928

Special features: Annoys pimps, falls off of piers

Appears in: Risky Business

Joel's parents leave for the weekend, and tell him not to drive his father's Porsche, but he just can't resist. But Porsches aren't meant to be U-boats, and it costs serious money to repair the water damage before Joel's parents get home.

Risky Business

Batman Begins

18. The Tumbler

Type of car: Wayne Industries assault vehicle

Special features: Rocket powered, armor plated

Appears in: Batman Begins, The Dark Knight

They never could get the bridge to work, but this baby works just fine, according to Lucius Fox (Morgan Freeman). In reality, four street-ready versions were built, and were spied driving at extreme speeds (one was also in an accident) in Chicago before the release of Batman Begins.

Batman Begins

The Cannonball Run

17. The Lamborghini

Type of car: 1980 Lamborghini Countach LP 400S

Special features: Scissor doors, spandex jumpsuits

Appears in: The Cannonball Run

If you were a teenage boy in the 80s, you wanted one of these cars. The black Countach that appears in The Cannonball Run is a standout in a movie filled with hot cars, and it doesn't hurt that it's driving by a smoking hot, spandex-wrapped Adrienne Barbeau.

The Cannonball Run

The Spy Who Loved Me

16. James Bond's submersible Lotus

Type of car: 1975 Lotus Esprit

Special features: Oil slick, rocket launcher, submarine mode

Appears in: The Spy Who Loved Me

This is the second-coolest car that James Bond ever drove (we'll get to his best car shortly). It looks good, it handles well, and it's great for a day at the beach. No boat? No problem!

The Spy Who Loved Me

Gone in 60 Seconds

15. Eleanor II

Type of car: 1967 Shelby Mustang GT500

Special features: Custom bodywork and paint

Appears in: Gone in 60 Seconds (2000)

Like the Lamborghini in The Cannonball Run, Eleanor stands out in a film full of hot cars. Her appearance has proved so popular that it's contributed to higher pricing of late-60s Mustang fastbacks, and there's now a cottage industry based on creating Eleanor replicas.

Gone in 60 Seconds

The Graduate

14. Ben's Alfa Romeo

Type of car: 1966 Alfa Romeo 1600 Spider Duetto

Special features: Attracts older women

Appears in: The Graduate, Wayne's World 2

The success of The Graduate turned the Alfa Romeo Spider into a worldwide icon, and definitely boosted sales of the car. The car's fame and longevity would eventually inspire Alfa Romeo to introduce a "Graduate" edition.

The Graduate

Batman: The Movie

13. George Barris Batmobile

Type of car: Customized 1954 Lincoln Futura

Special features: Bat-phone, bat-turbine

Appears in: Batman: The Movie

Already famous as a star of the Batman TV show, the 1960s Batmobile made the jump to the big screen in 1966. This is probably the most iconic George Barris design, and it's based on the Lincoln Futura concept car.

Batman: The Movie

The Italian Job

12. Charlie's getaway Minis

Type of car: 1968 Austin Mk I Mini Cooper S

Special features: Drives on sidewalks, stairs, roofs as easily as roads

Appears in: The Italian Job (1969)

The Mini was already a popular car in 1969, but The Italian Job is what helped make the car a legend in Europe. That, and a succession of mid-sixties Monte Carlo Rally wins. Although Michael Caine and Noel Coward are the stars of the movie, the Minis really steal the show.

The Italian Job

The Blues Brothers

11. The Bluesmobile

Type of car: 1974 Dodge Monaco with police package

Special features: Cop motor, cop tires, cop suspensions, cop shocks, and runs good on regular gas

Appears in: The Blues Brothers

After trading the orginal Bluesmobile (a Cadillac) for a microphone, Elwood picked this gem up at the Mount Prospect city police auction. "They were practically giving them away!"

The Blues Brothers

The last Ten coming soon..

Friday, May 23, 2008


I didn't want to mention anything until I had a solid lead on this, Capcom has teamed up with 70' & 80's anime giant Tatsunoko to create a new fighting game.

so far only Gatchaman g-1 Ken,Casshan,Ryu & Chun li have been confirmed.

Here are some images of Capcom's latest arcade VS fighting game Tatsunoko vs Capcom: Cross Generation of Heroes, featuring characters from Tatsunoko and Capcom. The game will have 2 on 2 tag battle which several new systems, including Super Jump, Aerial Combos, Alternation Attack, Assist Attack, Counter Attack and more.

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

New Ace Combat 6 planes

Konami has me by the balls, I don't know why I lavish so much time and resources in the form of MS points on these planes, if it were cars for a racing game, I don't think that I would honestly care as much.

Also aside from the nifty paint schemes, each downloadable plane preforms slightly better than the "out of the box" versions of each fighter in the game, giving me a slight advantage over my opponent.

Su-33 - TYPE ACE2- (200 Microsoft Points)
Ace Combat 2 Aircraft. A faithful recreation of the Ace Combat 2 aircraft performance design. Outstanding stability and lack of recoil provide for a truly unique sense of flight. Although possessing an extremely durable body, this aircraft lacks SP weapons, which were not introduced until after Ace Combat 2.

Ace Combat: Squadron Leader Grabacr Squadron Aircraft. An aircraft that boasts increased mobility in designated speed zones, but a slight decrease in all other zones. The need for precise speed control makes this aircraft suitable for experienced pilots. The signature aircraft of the Belkan Air Force 229th Tactical Fighter Squadron. Originally employed as an Osean Federation offensive squadron, they took their final stand for the pride of Belka against the rival Razgriz squadron.

RAZGRIZ SET 04 – (300 Microsoft Points)
This is a 3 airplanes set with the colors from the Razgriz airplane colors from Ace Combat 5. The 3 airplanes included are: F-22A、F-117A、Mirage2000-5

JUNGLE, FLAMINGO SET – (300 Microsoft Points)
This includes the F-14 in green and the A-10A in pink.

THE IDOLMASTER AMI,MAMI SET – (400 Microsoft Points)
This set includes F-16C and the F-2A with some special Idolmaster color

50 Most Memorable Movie Cars part 3

Courtesy of

A couple of quick notes before we get started. For the most part, we're only picking one car per film. Also, a car has to show up in a movie to make it on the list, so KITT and the A-Team van don't make it. And the rankings refer to how memorable a car is, not how cool it is (that would be a much different list). Lastly, a special thanks to our friends at The Internet Movie Car Database for use of their screenshots and car data.

Let's continue, shall we?

The Fast and the Furious

30. Toretto's Charger

Type of car: 1970 Dodge Charger

Special features: Blower, wheelie bars

Appears in: The Fast and the Furious

This is the car that even Dominic Toretto admits he's afraid of. And what's better than watching the body twist as the engine revs? But it's tragic to see this car get wrecked (even if the blower and wheelie bars are faked).

The Fast and the Furious

Kill Bill Vol. 1

29. Buck's Pussy Wagon

Type of car: 1997 Chevrolet C-2500 Silverado Fleetside

Special features: Custom paint, spoiler

Appears in: Kill Bill Vol. 1

Buck is such a sleazebag that we're glad to see Beatrix kill him. And his ride is as sleazy he is, but at least it's easy to find in a parking lot.

Kill Bill Vol. 1

Wayne's World

28. Garth's Mirth Mobile

Type of car: 1976 AMC Pacer

Special features: Custom flame job, cassette player

Appears in: Wayne's World

Wayne may be cool, but his best buddy Garth isn't, although he tries to be. Garth's car is the same way: it's isn't actually cool, but it's really, really trying to be.

Wayne's World

National Lampoon's Vacation

27. The Family Truckster

Type of car: originally a Ford LTD Country Squire

Special features: Faux wood panelling, metallic pea paint

Appears in: National Lampoon's Vacation

The producers of Vacation wanted to create an example of a completly disgusting and awful station wagon. It's ugly, it's badly engineered, and it's unreliable. In other words, it's a typical early 80s American car.

National Lampoon's Vacation

Mad Max

26. Pursuit Special

Type of car: Modified 1973 Ford Falcon XB GT Coupe

Special features: Siren, enlarged gas tank, anti-theft device

Appears in: Mad Max

The last of the V8 Interceptors is the only Aussie car on the list, and it's a doozy. It's loud, it's fast, and it just plain looks mean. But it's also a cop car, which means Max gets to use it to run down evil bikers. 

Mad Max


25. Bullitt's Mustang

Type of car: 1968 Ford Mustang GT390 Fastback

Special features: Makes you feel almost as cool as Steve McQueen

Appears in: Bullitt

Bullitt may be the coolest movie by the coolest actor ever, Steve McQueen. So naturally, his car has to be cool, too. Two identical Mustangs were used for filming the iconic chase scene; one was scrapped after filming, and it's rumored that the surviving car has been stored in a barn in the Ohio River Valley.


Thelma & Louise

24. Louise's Thunderbird

Type of car: 1966 Ford Thunderbird

Special features: Good for flying off of cliffs

Appears in: Thelma & Louise

What is it about Road Movies that require old cars? Probably because a cross-country trip in a luxurious RV isn't that interesting. In this case, Louise's classic T-Bird convertible symbolizes the freedom that she and Thelma recklessly pursue.

Thelma & Louise

Romancing the Stone

23. Pepe, the Little Mule

Type of car: Customized 1982 Ford Bronco XLT

Special features: Both bulletproof and fireproof

Appears in: Romancing the Stone

Now this is our kind of drug mule; four-wheel drive, powerful V8 engine, and easily able to outrun Columbian Secret Police vehicles. Plus it's driven by Alfonso Arau, who was better known as El Guapo in The Three Amigos.

Romancing the Stone


22. Greased Lightning

Type of car: 1948 Ford De Luxe

Special features: Auto-matic, System-matic, and Hydro-matic

Appears in: Grease

There are two versions of Greased Lightning; there's the white one that the T-Birds modify and race, and then there's the red fantasy version that they dance around on. That's the one that shows up at the end of the movie, and can apparently fly.


Chitty Chitty Bang Bang

21. Chitty Chitty Bang Bang

Type of car: Customized Paragon Panther

Special features: Pontoons, wings

Appears in: Chitty Chitty Bang Bang

Although never mentioned in the movie, the original book by Ian Fleming(!) mentions that Chitty Chitty Bang Bang had been a famous race car called the Paragon Panther. In reality, multiple versions were purpose-built for the movie, including a fully functional road-going car.

Chitty Chitty Bang Bang

more to come!