Saturday, May 31, 2008

Resident Evil 5 trailer Racist or are people too sensitive?

Chris Redfield is back and this time he's taking on the dark continent.
A lot of folks are calling foul on capcom for setting the game in Africa.
some even say it's racist.

 I personally believe that zombies should be exterminated on sight 
regardless of race, color or sexual orientation.  

Also, resident evil 4 took place in the spanish country side, 
where if memory serves me, Mr. Leon Kennedy killed half of Spain 
trying to contain that damn virus.
As a Hispanic American, I didn't feel their was a need to cry foul 
when my Mother land was attacked. 

And did we hear any outcry from the gaming community or the press? 
Not at all, it was just another romp in the zombie infested R.E. universe.
So get over it, it's just a game people, and zombies must be destroyed regardless. 

( or they will eat what little brains we have left)

enjoy the trailer

John B. out!!


  1. My problem? I couldn't always tell who the zombies were. They made regular old African folks look pretty scary, and the zombies maybe 5% worse.

    Maybe not racist, but remarkably mishandled.

  2. Doesn't seem mishandled to me. I think it captures the unsettled feeling that you might entering a foreign environment brimming with danger. But in case I had some undercurrent of racism, I polled an actual Black Person and they were not offend in the least nor did they get a whiff of racism. They just felt it was too scary for them to play. Looks great by the way! I might be too scared to play it myself!

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