Wednesday, May 21, 2008

New Ace Combat 6 planes

Konami has me by the balls, I don't know why I lavish so much time and resources in the form of MS points on these planes, if it were cars for a racing game, I don't think that I would honestly care as much.

Also aside from the nifty paint schemes, each downloadable plane preforms slightly better than the "out of the box" versions of each fighter in the game, giving me a slight advantage over my opponent.

Su-33 - TYPE ACE2- (200 Microsoft Points)
Ace Combat 2 Aircraft. A faithful recreation of the Ace Combat 2 aircraft performance design. Outstanding stability and lack of recoil provide for a truly unique sense of flight. Although possessing an extremely durable body, this aircraft lacks SP weapons, which were not introduced until after Ace Combat 2.

Ace Combat: Squadron Leader Grabacr Squadron Aircraft. An aircraft that boasts increased mobility in designated speed zones, but a slight decrease in all other zones. The need for precise speed control makes this aircraft suitable for experienced pilots. The signature aircraft of the Belkan Air Force 229th Tactical Fighter Squadron. Originally employed as an Osean Federation offensive squadron, they took their final stand for the pride of Belka against the rival Razgriz squadron.

RAZGRIZ SET 04 – (300 Microsoft Points)
This is a 3 airplanes set with the colors from the Razgriz airplane colors from Ace Combat 5. The 3 airplanes included are: F-22A、F-117A、Mirage2000-5

JUNGLE, FLAMINGO SET – (300 Microsoft Points)
This includes the F-14 in green and the A-10A in pink.

THE IDOLMASTER AMI,MAMI SET – (400 Microsoft Points)
This set includes F-16C and the F-2A with some special Idolmaster color


  1. I'm with ya, brother! They get me every time with these add-on planes. I bought almost every one, however I know that my thinking is sound because the Skies are much safer now. Whew!