Thursday, October 28, 2010

Doodling with the ipad: Kitty sketch

I recently got my grubby fingers on an ipad, after testing it's ability to stream porn on the fly, I decided to try my luck at finger painting on the damn thing.

First I needed a serviceable app. that wouldn't cause me to throw the damn thing against the wall. I bought Art Studio for about $4.99 in the app store you get a nice set of tools to draw with (layers, brushes, pallets).

first I started doodling a Catwoman in the app with a .5 blue pencil just going at it like a fine napkin drawing like so:

Kitty Sketch : Artstudio ipad by ~Grandaiza on deviantART

Then I decided to try my luck at inking and coloring the damn thing, which didn't turn out too bad except for the murky background which couldn't be helped since I learned the layer controls after I started this piece.

Kitty final : Artstudio ipad by ~Grandaiza on deviantART

The Hello kitty statue in the background was an afterthought ( so was the entire piece for that matter )

next up I started working on a Chun Li piece that I'll share once it's finished (you can see the sketches on my deviantart site) once that's finished, I'll start working on my characters for this story I've been siting on for a while.


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  1. Its good to see you practice your talents cuz.