Saturday, October 9, 2010

NYCC coverage part 1 : The cosplayers

I thought I'd start my coverage of the NY comic-con with the people who's love of comics and gaming compels them to dress up as their favorite characters, the back bone of any gathering of nerds.....the cos-players.

I give props to anyone who'll go out in public in tight ass spandex but in my opinion, cosplay should be reserved exclusively for chicks with tight bods or people with the resources to produce
accurate replicas of what they're trying to depict.

and now on with the show!

(click on images to enlarge)

The Good

the Marvel Family looking good with they're accurate ( hey where's CM jr? ) Mary Marvel,
The Wizard Shazam, "dad" as Uncle Marvel and the little lady as Captain Marvel.

Lil Miss Riddler gets an "A" for effort.

I know, Booth Babes shouldn't count, but look at those guns!

X-23, wolverines younger female clone ( don't ask ) and playable character in Marvel vs Capcom 3. this chick pulls off the emaciated emo mutie teen look nicely.
The dueling Leia's rocked!
The Monarch's Henchmen ( Venture Bros. ) again thank you for not rocking a spandex version
of this suit and sparing me that vision.

The Bad

I give "Two-face" credit for the face makeup but the suit could have easily been distressed or burned on one side. Catwoman is phoning it in with her tribute to the 1988 Batman returns look. Ivy's costume actually works but for posing with these other two knuckleheads, I lumped her into the "bad" pile.
Napoleon Dynamite is SNAKE!
The flash costume isn't bad, but something is just off with his look.
Accurate kick ass costume, but it's he loses points for taking off the mask...Commit damn it!
either your Kick ass or not.

The Ugly

This poor bastard with his dirty left glove (hmmmm?) swimming cap and orange mustache.. you can practically smell him through your screen, he's the embodiment of everything that's wrong with comic shops.

Go home and take a bath sir! invest in some deodorant before you go out in public again.

that's it for the costumes, next post we'll look at some of the cool toys at the con.

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