Tuesday, December 21, 2010


I don't know what goes into casting a major Hollywood motion picture but Marky Mark Walberg as Nathan Drake (uncharted movie) really burns my coils.

Fans of the series recognize Nathan Fillon, best know for his work on TV's FIREFLY, ABC's CASTLE and SERENITY as a dead on match for the Nathan Drake. From his looks to his mannerisms it seems that the game designers had Fillon in mind when developing the character for the game and would seem like a no brainer for the roll.

instead we get this:

"Wahlberg finds his Bourne" that's not how I remember it.

A fan posted this video where he asked director David O'Russell about the casting choice and he seemed like he could give a rats @$$ about who's playing what in the Uncharted movie.

here's the clip:

Wahlberg should stick to producing boring shows about vapid hollywood groupies
and gracefully bow out of this roll. Why? because I feel it's going to be another charmless
Tomb Raideresque romp with non of the humor and wit that made the Uncharted
series a joy to play and to watch.

But that's just my Two cents.

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