Thursday, October 14, 2010

Star wars force unleashed 2 demo impression

As a star wars fan, I really enjoyed the first game so much so that I still find myself playing the original from time to time, even though some of Starkillers moves where a bit choppy it still made for some of the best star wars gaming available on current consoles.

( Lucas arts, get to work on that x-wing vs tie fighter for Ps3 pronto. )

Well I'm pleased to report that it looks like Vader's secret apprentice has been training in-between games with Kratos cause the kid is swift! Dual lightsabers moving with enough speed and grace to make the god of war himself green with envy. he also borrowed the "rage gauge" from Kratos, string together attacks and you gauge slowly fills, once filled click down on your L3 & R3 buttons and you can dole out insane combo moves at twice the speed.

The new Jedi mind trick move is awesome, sending hapless weak minded fools leaping to their death. I'm told that once upgraded this new ability will allow you to actually turn stormtroopers against each other but this feature was not available in the demo.

I was able to fight a carbonite spewing battle droid trying to bring me in alive, force grabbing plums of the substance and hurl it back at the droid, freeze it and take it apart with a variety of force powers.

If the demo is any indication this one's a winner, my only concern is the amount of levels and the games length but that I'll save for the review.

here's footage of the demo in action available now on xbox 360 and ps3!

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