Sunday, September 21, 2008

A preview of Valkyria Chronicles PS3

courtesy of the G4TV.

Valkyria Chronicles is a PS3 exclusive 3rd person action strategy game that I am eagerly anticipating ( I might have to buy it new ) . Beautiful art design style that I would describe as a retro WWII Japanese RPG with a touch of Miyazaki done in a watercolor on sepia paper style.

If SEGA put the same care into the gameplay that they poured into the look of the game and give players the option to play with the original Japanese audio and english subtitles, they should have a sure hit on their hands.

here's an nice preview of the game featured on G4's Xplay, the Rep from SEGA is annoying but the clip is worth a look.


  1. This may get me to rethink RPGs. Let ponder this upon the Tree Of Woe.