Thursday, January 7, 2010


Sorry for the delay in between posts but I've been working on some Gundam modeling / drawings that I'll share with you all later but for now I have this taste little morsel..

Youtuber "HeartOfBattle" got a hold of some sweet footage of the new Super Street fighter 4 characters in action, and you get to see the new selectable ultra combo system at work.

4 out of the 8 new characters have been announced

( CODY, ADON, GUY & JURI) and next week the next 4 will be announced at CES, but the word online from beta testers is that they're SF3: 3rd Strikes Dudley, Makoto, ibuki and a new character named Halim.


First here's a little video detailing just some of the changes in Super SF4:

Now A Cody vs Ryu clip, the volume on this video is almost non existent, check out Ryu's new super Shoryuken!

Here's a short clip of Adon vs Ken ( sorry, also with low volume )

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