Saturday, January 2, 2010

REVIEW : Sunrise Mecha Action DX Zerberus VR-Maxima Metallic Ver

This is more of a warning than a review, I bought this from as a gift for a friend who's into big, bulky bots and I thought would like the Votoms / Estevalis hybrid look of this Mech.

Hobby Link Japan had discounted the item 70% off ( from 18,100 Yen = $195 usd to 5430 Yen = $58.36 usd) and I was sold. The mistake I made was not inspecting the merchandise thoroughly once it arrived. It looked amazing standing a little over 12" with a nice hefty feel to it that you'd come to expect from Japanese robots, I took it out of the box to make sure the paint didn't chip and the parts where there, but I didn't pose it or move it around thinking that it would be best to leave that to the intended owner of the gift.

Three weeks later I presented the gift only to see the person move the arms ever so slightly and SNAP! the arm broke off in his hand. He places the gun on the other hand and SNAP AGAIN! To my horror the other arm broke off.

What the f^ck Sunrise!?!

Upon closer inspection, it looked like the communion wafer thin shoulder joints weren't capable of bearing the weight of the arms, also the joint was so stiff that moving it might have contributed to the arms breaking off.

So to everyone out their who saw this on sale and thought it would make a nice addition to your collection...don't do it, unless your into helpless, armless mechs.

And to , thanks for the heads up about the defective shoulder joints you pricks.

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