Saturday, January 9, 2010


I've been struggling to draw on a regular basis for the last few years (*cough**video games **cough) I've loved comics for as long as I can remember and even went to SVA to become an illustrator, but other than some light freelance work, I have never taken a stab at Illustrating professionally.

The last sketch in my drawing pad was a Buffy vs Blacula piece dated 7/5/2005 I did on a day off in my old apartment on west 93rd Street in Manhattan, I was watching a Buffy marathon on FX and thought it would be cool if I had her facing off with the Ebony prince of darkness himself.

the sketch is poorly done as I was probably eating cheetos and lying on my sofa.

Her head is disproportionately small, her right hand doesn't seem to be bearing any weight at all and her legs are in an awkward, lazy position.

I'm going to properly illustrate this idea, even though it's outdated I still like it and post the steps here from doodles to the final inked and colored illustration.

I'll post my progress next Saturday, until then you can see the original below.


  1. Very nice. I hadn't noticed any of the flaws you mentioned, and still don't actually see them. Now you've committed yourself to finishing it!