Tuesday, January 19, 2010

BUFFY DRAWING ( part 2 )

I had little delay on getting back to this drawing this week but I stuck with it and didn't let myself get side tracked.

Below is the original that I showed you all last week.

( click to enlarge)

And Here's a scan of the finished sketch, I changed the slightly changed fingers on Buffy's Left hand to give it more of a sense of weight. also her facial expression looked a little bland so a gave her a mischievous little smirk and I slimmed down her arms and torso just a touch.

Blacula's decked out in the latest vampire pimpware, as for the blackground, I haven't sttled on it yet but I'll thinking of having them fight in front of an old theater house.

next week, background and character inks.

( click to enlarge )

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