Friday, April 18, 2008

First Look G.I. Joe The Movie Cast in Costume

Believe me I really wanted this movie to be a huge success, but it looks like Hollywood is going the route of Van Damme's Street fighter movie with this one.

I Heard that Paramount pictures requested that these pictures not be shown.

All the more reason to throw them up.


Hot Blonde Import Karolina Kurkova as cover girlA Brooding Channing Tatum as DUKE ( who?) - Christian bale wants his suit back
And even the Snake Eyes Suit that I thought looked good, upon closer inspection, looks kind of wierd, is that a mouth on the mask?

Dennis Quade As Gen. Hawk, looking a bit constipated
Mr. Quade looking confused.....
Rachel Nichols as a hot piece of ...ahem sorry, as Scarlett
Nice little booty shot.

Byun-hun Lee as Storm Shadow & Sienna Miller as the Baroness
Assassins or......

.....Matrix extras
Marlon Wayans?!? as ripcord? WTF. And another Wayne Enterprises nomex suit.

A basic cable network, G4TV, can do a better casting and wardrobe job. Paramount should just fork the money over to the ATOS segment producers and beg them to finish the film.

Darling of stage and screen, ATOS host Miss Olivia Munn, as the Baroness


  1. Snake eyes appears to just have black face paint on everything beneath his visor.

  2. they're going to fkc it up, aren't they?

    RIPCORD? the H.A.L.O. jumper?