Thursday, June 19, 2008

PROTOCULTURE: Traditional meets JAP-POP art

I recently visited the MURAKAMI exhibit at the Brooklyn Museum and enjoyed the clean bright colors on canvas and sweet composition of his work. It looked like he did all of his layouts on a MAC in Illustrator, blew them up, and painted over them with acrylics on enormous canvases.

A treat to see up close.

But before I throw the pictures of the exhibit on the site, I thought I might give some other cool examples of JAP-POP inspired artist to look out for.

Japanese artist Tenmyouya Hisashi 's traditional-meets-modern Gundam painting "RX-78-2 Kabuki-mono 2005 Version" went for HK$4.8 million (approx. US$600,000).

Hisashi about his work:
In Japan there are many "Gundam-Otaku's," and their adoration of Gundam is intense. Therefore, I did not want to change their image of Gundam. By changing Gundam's "mobile suit" to tattoos, I altered his body, and made him even more customized. I emphasized the very concept of the "mobile suit," and by setting Gundam against a background of gold leaf from traditional Japanese painting, I emphasized Gundam's samurai origins.

nice huh?

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