Saturday, June 7, 2008

Sorry for the delay folks

I've had my full for the last few days.

I've been hanging out with a new friend from out of town by the name of Nico Bellic.

GTA 3 in all it's various forms ( original, vice city, San Andreas & extra crispy ) never really grabbed me. I liked the freedom they provided, but it always felt a little rough around the corners, unfinished , like..something was missing.

Everything from my characters dying as soon as he put his pink toe in water, to the secondary cast of characters that you really didn't care too much about, it just wasn't my bag.

But now in GTA 4, Rockstar has made a work of art. the Single player is airtight, story and characters right out of Scorsese, great duck and cover mechanics, excellent driving physics with each vehicle having it's own characteristics besides speed. ( especially bikes ) all of this coupled with the ability to pick up your in game "cell phone" ala THE MATRIX, call into a multiplayer game, go ape shit on some poor bastards and then go back to your single player game seamlessly is a masterstroke of gaming.

KUDOS ROCKSTAR! for living up to the name!

I also have to give a little shout out as the kids say to my local Gamestop in Forest Hills NY.
my ace combat 6 had a disk read error six months after I purchased it from that store and the clerk exchanged it for me, even though the replacement was a used disk, this was a very kind gesture, ( although my good Friend Rich E. may have something to say about how Gamestop bilks game companies out of profit ) they could have told me to fuck off or that they could do anything about it an I would have to buy a new one, but instead he helped me in exchanging the disk for one that works.

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