Saturday, June 28, 2008

what is "Iron Sky"?

I'm not sure if this trailer is for a feature indie film or something completely silly, but they got my attention with Nazi's in space.

All I know the people working on this are from Finland. I like the Idea, I just hope they go the route of JIN-RO with this and not MARS ATTACKS.


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  1. 1. This reminds me of sky captain...
    2. Nazis are the ultimate real and unreal villains... period. If you heard that Ninjas were on the moon you'd laugh... the Confederate Army? Al Qaeda? Communists? You say Nazis on the moon and people shit their pants... why? Because those motherf'ers were as crazy as they were smart. The stuff they really did do sounds like science fiction and the stuff they didn't do, I think that they at least tried it.