Wednesday, December 10, 2008


There's Hope for the PSP..

I Just got this game not expecting much since the last few gundam games have been a bit of a disappointment, but I happy to announce that the Gundam vs Gundam rocks.

the main game consists of 2 on 2 fighting on a 3D battle field from the various Gundam series / OVA's. The game takes 2 mobile suites from every Gundam series plus hidden characters for a total of over 20+ mechs to choose from. It takes the Virtual On / Powerstone approach to fighting, making it fast paced and easy to follow. The controls are very intuitive and after the fist couple of matches, getting the mobile suit to do what you wanted became second nature.

The Super moves for each mobile suit calls a screen filling attack from a giant support character that comes from flying in from space and rains death on your opponent. It's a fun game and if you happen to stumble upon it for a reasonable price ( or your a just fan of giant robots and you don't mind Japanese menus) This game is for you.

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