Sunday, December 28, 2008


65. Thor vs. Iron Man

After the events of Civil War (heck, DURING Civil War, even), there appeared to pop up a bit of a cottage industry of comic books devoted just to trashing Iron Man, as a good deal of comic book fans had some real issues with Iron Man after Civil War, so Marvel creators seemed to take that interest in seeing Iron Man “get his” by, well, having comics where Iron Man is either dressed down or, in the case of Thor #3, dressed down AND beaten down.

Thor, of course, has slightly more of a beef with Iron Man than others do, as while Thor was seemingly dead, Iron Man, Mr. Fantastic and the Skrull pretending to be Yellowjacket got together and made a clone of Thor that went a bit nuts and killed the superhero known as Goliath (Bill Foster).

So when Thor came back from the dead and brought back Asgard as a floating city in the middle of the American midwest, Iron Man came a-callin’ as a representative of the United States government, and Thor was none too pleased.

Thor #3 consists of Thor basically taking Iron Man apart while at the same time expressing his displeasure with the decisions of Tony Stark.

Artist Olivier Coipel did a marvelous job drawing writer J. Michael Straczynski’s story.

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