Sunday, December 28, 2008


75. Wonder Woman vs. Superman (Sacrifice)

Maxwell Lord had himself a very difficult subject to work with when he attempted to control Superman’s mind. It was not so much the taking control of Superman’s mind that was the issue so much as it was the “getting Superman to do the things Lord wanted him to do when he had control” thing, as Superman’s moral compass is pretty darn strict, so to get him to kill, Lord had to go to some extreme measures.

That was the point of Sacrifice, a 4-part crossover taking place in the middle of the OMAC Project, where we see Lord run Superman through various horrific scenarios in his mind until he finds one where Superman was willing to use lethal force.

Of course, the villains Superman is attacking is actually Batman, who Superman nearly kills.

Wonder Woman has to step in and fight Superman, who thinks she is Doomsday (and has just killed Lois, natch). Her goal is to keep both herself AND Superman alive.

After a brutally vicious battle, Wonder Woman figures that the only way to stop Superman is to stop Maxwell Lord, who gloats that even if she stops him NOW, he’ll just come back later to take control of Superman - so she figures the only way she can safely stop Lord is by killing him, so she snaps his neck, ending his threat and his life.

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