Sunday, December 28, 2008


78. Thing vs. The Champion

I guess this is another notable entrance!

The Champion showed up in Marvel Two-in-One Annual #7, by Tom DeFalco and Ron Wilson, and declared that he was going to fight the best of Earth in a boxing match, and if they beat him, he would spare Earth - otherwise, he would destroy it!

He collected the most powerful heroes of the world, but most of them are disqualified for one reason or another (Thor, for instance, can’t box when he has a hammer at all times, lest he turn back into Don Blake).

Eventually, all of Earth’s heroes are eliminated except for the Thing, who, while quite strong, is nowhere near the Champion’s league.

However, unlike the others, Ben Grimm knows how to box, and he manages to stay in the game for a couple of rounds while taking a gruesome beating. The Thing, though, refuses to quit and just keeps plugging away until the match is called.

The Thing will have none of it and mocks the Champion. Though the Thing can barely stand, he says he will never stop fighting until he can’t fight anymore!

The Champion is so impressed that he declares Earth saved!

The world rejoices as the Thing collapses and enjoys one of the nicest horrible hospital experience you could ever imagine.

GarBut wanted a shot of the Champion getting punched by the Thing, but I don’t think that’s really what this comic is about - it’s not about Thing punching his problems away, it’s about his perseverance!

That said, how about a wicked shot of the Thing getting ready to rumble by Ron Wilson?

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