Sunday, January 4, 2009


27. The Final Battle of Civil War

Like the Dark Phoenix battle, Civil War involved heroes fighting against themselves.

The Superhero Registration Act forced heroes to split into two camps - those willing to register and those unwilling. The registered heroes were led by Iron Man, and they were tasked wit hunting down the unregistered heroes, led by Captain America.

Cap’s heroes also kept on being superheroes at the same time they were on the run.

Ultimately, after a daring escape from the Registration Camp’s prison, the heroes have one final confrontation in New York City, and Captain America’s forces actually seem to have the battle won, but then Cap notices something - the people of New York are rooting AGAINST him.

He then realizes that they’ve been battling in the middle of New York and causing countless amounts of damage. Cap then decided it was time to surrender, so he gave himself up and was arrested (and later, he tragically was killed while in custody).

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