Saturday, January 3, 2009


35. Jesse Custer vs. Jody

To say that Jesse Custer had a rough upbringing would be a massive understatement. Jesse’s grandmother, Marie L’Angelle, was upset that her daughter ran away from home, so she sent her two enforcers, Jody and T.C. to go find her. They found her married and with a child. Jesse’s father fought Jody bravely, and may have won had it not been for the fact that T.C. held Jesse at gunpoint. Jesse then watched as Josy murdered Jesse’s father in front of his eyes, then called Jesse a crybaby for weeping.

While Jesse hated Jody, it was Jody who more or less raised Jesse from youth to adulthood, teaching him everything he knew about, well, everything. Finally, as a young adult, Jesse was given his chance by Jody to take him on - Jody proceeded to beat him severely, breaking his arm and jaw.

Years later, Jesse also ran away from home and began seeing Tulip O’Hare. Jody and T.C. came after him and told him that if he came back, Tulip could live. Jesse came back.

When Jesse gained the Word of God and left home, he came back to his hometown of Angelville, where Jody proceeded to shoot Tulip in the head (God revived her later).

Finally, though, Jesse took on Jody one-on-one and defeated him, breaking Jody’s back and strangling him to death (the revived Tulip took care of T.C. and the fire took care of Marie).

Jody’s last words were “Prouda you, boy.”

Man, Garth Ennis and Steve Dillon created some impressively vivid background characters, didn’t they?

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