Friday, January 2, 2009


43. We3 vs. Government

We3 was a group of three animals who were turned into assassins by the government. They were a dog (1), a cat (2) and a rabbit (3). Well, while they were quite effective as killers, the government decided to upgrade the program, and kill off these test subjects (or “decommission” them).

Their trainer could not abide by this, so she freed the three, who then went on a incredible journey to find their “home,” something they do not know if they ever will actually find (2 is fond of telling 1 this).

Well, the government naturally does not want these killing machines on the loose, so they send loads and loads of soldiers after them, but We3 kills them all fairly easily.

This leads to a confrontation with the animal that was to replace them - We4 (a bulldog).

4 kills 3, but in the end, 2 and 1 combine to take him out.

It is such a brilliantly executed fight scene by Frank Quitely (hell, the whole book is brilliantly executed by Quitely) and Grant Morrison comes up with some marvelous character moments mixed together, including 2 and 1 coming together as a team in these adverse times.

And of course, the trap for We3 also involved using their trainer, leading to perhaps the saddest comic panel this side of that panel with the grape in Y the Last Man (probably even sadder than that Y scene).


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