Monday, February 23, 2009


STREET FIGHTER 4 has become my new gaming obsession, while it may not be as technically complex as SF 3: 3rd Strike, the gameplay is still way above any other next gen fighter.

It's basic gameplay schematic is simple enough for a novice to jump in and hold his own against a more experienced player, but rich with super moves, ultra moves , combos and counters to keep a veteran like myself busy for weeks at a time with each character.

The netcode on the PS3 version ( the only one I've tried ...for now ) is superb, even with a "red" connection I experienced little or no lag. Also hats off to Capcom for having a setting that allows an online challenger to interrupt the arcade mode to come in and challenge you ( just like an old school SF2 machine, the best way to test your skills is fighting strangers )

my review, if you like fighting games ( especially the street fighter series ) this is a MUST BUY. I just advise anyone who plans to challenge people online to invest in a decent arcade stick.

9.5 out of 10


here's a nice video with some Ultra moves from the game, enjoy.


  1. I recommend that people pick up the companion guide. I never buy these, but have found it's quite important to fully understand all the moves and counters and so on.

  2. Oh yeah, and I changed all the voices to Japanese.

  3. I agree, its very well written and has alot of nice art and the moves are shown clearly.

  4. If only I weren't such a spazz.