Saturday, April 18, 2009


RE:5 delivers everything that a game need to be a must have.

2 player CO-OP is a dream with a friend or even with someone you don't know. Either can pop in and out without interrupting your saved game and best of all, what ever treasure or money you find ( which you will need to beef up your weapons ) you share evenly.

weapons customization is simple and to the point. As a little incentive, when max out a weapon and then beat the game, you will then have the option of using that weapon with unlimited ammo the next time around.

Hordes of enemies to pick apart, this game does a great job of pacing the action giving you a wide selection of enemies at every corner.

The shoot / aim physics on the enemies is top notch, shoot them in the leg and they kneel ( setting them up for a punch or stomp ) two shots the head and most zombies go down with ease and if they're holding Molotov's cocktail, shoot the bottle and BOOM zombie flambe .

Great Boss battles!

to sum it up, an awesome addition to any gamers collection, I haven't had this much fun with a co-op game since the First GEARS OF WAR. (just be prepared for some gore)

here's a clip of what your missing

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  1. The person in the video doesn't really play that well. We're much better than that schmuck.