Tuesday, July 21, 2009


And we're back!

In Daredevil #231, we see a rejuvenated Matt Murdock slowly begin his ascent back to being a hero again.

First, he rescues Ben Urich (and Ben’s wife) from an attack by Kingpin’s enforcer (that’s how good Born Again is – the scene where Matt saves them is awesome, but I don’t see how I have enough room to feature it).

Later, he shows up to foil a plot by the Kingpin to have a psycho in a Daredevil costume murder Foggy Nelson (Kingpin doesn’t know he has a chance for two birds with one stone, as Karen Page was staying with Foggy at the time).

Beyond a memorable psycho villain, this scene is also marked by some great storytelling by Mazzucchelli and, of course, that dramatic last page, which I would easily count as “the” moment here, as we see that while Karen Page might need Matt Murdock, Matt Murdock sure as hell needs Karen Page just as much!

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  1. Fantastic. Only Rob Liefeld could have done better than Mazzuchelli.