Sunday, September 13, 2009


For my PS3 owning readers, if you enjoyed the BATMAN : Arhkam Asylum game and you're looking for you next super hero / villain fix, do yourself a favor and pick up infamous, A PS3 exclusive that kind of lost it's way due to a similar yet substandard game that was released at around the same time ( prototype ).

Here's what INFAMOUS has to offer:

  • A fully interactive city ( with four Boroughs )with traffic, villains and a mob of people that will either cheer you on as you do good deeds or pelt you with rocks when you act like a prick.
  • An intriguing story worthy of the big Three comic publishers.
  • A plethora of custom Good / Evil powers to unlock.
  • A wide variety of villains in many shapes & sizes with a variety of abilities to counter your own that actually learn to anticipate your moves and never fall in the category of bland or monotonous.
  • Unrestricted missions that allow you do whatever it takes to complete them even if it means wounding innocent bystanders or blowing up a row of cars in traffic.
  • You're actions, for good of evil, affect the story in a completely different ways which ultimately determines your powers, relationships and missions. ( also drastically changes what ending you get.)
If your jonesing for a good game and not sure what to pick up give INFAMOUS a shot, still not sold?

here's a clip:

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