Wednesday, November 4, 2009


Here's proof that it doesn't matter what character you use in Street Fighter.

Fighting gamers like taking smack about character tiers, SAGAT they rate an "A+" character based

on the damage he deals and his arsenal of moves, while a "slow" character like Dhalsim is rated a

"C" due to his lack of speed. But what these douche chills don't take into consideration is that you

can't play Dhalsim like a Ryu or Sagat, Dhalsim is about the set up, patience and execution as

this video proves.

The stage, Japan's Street fighter 4 Semi Finals 2 games best 3 out of 4.

RF (Playing with Sagat) vs Iyo ( Dhalsim ) both players world ranked street fighters

all things being equal, the Sagat player should have the definite advantage.

think again...

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  1. Fantastic work by the Dhalsim player. Ranged attacks, great defense (total mastery of three different defenses including Yoga Tower, not an easy one) this guy kept that all offense Sagat player at bay. Deep in the 5th match, he switched to all cheese and even he was embarrassed by his actions and quit it after a while. That Dhalsim player totally outclassed and outplayed him.