Wednesday, December 30, 2009


By Grandaiza

First off for all you bootleggers and Torrent movie downloaders - your days are numbered. Sure you'll be able to see the movie on a 24" screen, but to truly appreciate this film and hopefully other films like it, you'll have to go to the movies and see it as it was meant to be 3D.

Now I didn't see it in IMAX 3D ( just digital 3D ) and that's just fine cause the movie rocked!

The 3D effect didn't feel force, which surprised the hell out of me. No finger pointing at the screen for an uncomfortable amount of time. No bullets or arrows held out towards the audience for no real reason, just an organic effect of being there, well done James.

I won't go into the plot for those who've been living under a rock, I'll respect your right to go into the theater "fresh". I'll just say this, some themes are eternal and this like any other great Sci-Fi movie is about the heroes journey.

That's all your getting out of me, I think the trailers give away too much, avoid seeing anything on cable or online about this movie cause it just won't do it justice and see it in 3D NOW!

With your wife and kids!

in 3D!

Then go again with the fellas!

in IMAX 3D!


  1. Yes it's that damn good and no I'm not getting paid to post this.

    (...although that would be nice...)

  2. I also saw it in 3D. Very good movie.

  3. Mr. Beato,
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