Wednesday, December 9, 2009



Bayonetta is a stylized multi-platform action game from Sega and the creators of the original Devil may cry that has gotten a lot of fan fair since it's initial announcement about a year ago.

I've been reading a lot of articles regarding Sega's decision to sub contract the PS3 version to a 3rd party developer and the negative effect that the choice had on the final product, so I eagerly downloaded the demo (1.4gb!) to see what to expect. ( as I write this, i've learned that Sony is working with Sega to correct some of these issues by the time the game is released )

Character and level designs are top notch, Beyonetta is able to dispatch enemies with a multitude of combos and weapons that are intuitive, pleasant to look at and fun. The enemies that I faced look like demons disguised as angels, if you evade their attacks at the last minute your rewarded with her patented "witchtime" that speeds you up and slows your enemies down.

I thankfully didn't experience any gameplay slow down at any time. The only issue that I had and mind you this is a demo of a work in progress so I hope that they're working on this problem is the camera, it focuses on your character rather than where the enemies are, which can be very frustrating when your in the heat of battle. To their defense the developers did include a camera reset on the R3 button but it's a nagging little problem that I hope is fixed before lauch.

Overall, A fun sampling that merits a download if you have the HD space.

here's a video of the demo for you.


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  1. For a second there I though she needed more cowbell to cure her fever. Another thing, what the hell is up with Sega and gold rings? I had flashbacks of Sonic for a second there.