Thursday, December 17, 2009


Any possible spoilers are in white, highlight at your own risk.

I noticed a couple of things while watching the trailer that I thought I might share. First off The Idea of Whiplash as the sole villain in the movie was kind of putting me off, I was hoping for a an appearance of Titanium man or the Crimson Dynamo ( If my website didn't give you a clue I'm a Big metal robot junkie ) or anyone who could give Iron-man and War Machine a run for their money.

We'll color me giddy it looks like Mr. Favreau came through. Check the background in the image below you'll see "Tony" and "James" surrounded by at least Four armored antagonists. ( why would they flip up the visors when they're surrounded? )

Also I'm guesting that the Mark III armor from the first movie gets trashed somewhere through the second film cause that suit that "Tony" rocking is new. ( more on that below )

Just a gratuitous image of the boys handling their business.

Here's a closer look at the new armor, The first thing that strikes me is the triangular uni-beam / Arc reactor on Iron man in keeping with Adi Granov's extremis armor design.

I also like the subtle change on the legs, no more red chaps over gold legs. The new look keeps it closer to the source material.

War Machine looks bad ass!

Now back to our armored nemeses in the trailer, they look like Stark designed suits ( Looks liked black Widow boinks Stark and makes off with the suit plans....or is it Justin Hammer who steels the specs while modifying the Mark II for James Rhodes and then builds himself a little army? we'll have to wait and see.) A lot of speculation is going around online as to who these guys are, and if you read any IRONMAN or AVENGERS during the 80's we might be thinking along the same lines.

I think They're GUARDSMAN.

Here's a clearer look at the toy mock ups for the unnamed Villains.

In the comics, the Guardsman armor in the comics was developed by the US military using stolen Ironman technology to apprehend and then guard incarcerated superhumans.

Stark found out that the the was stolen and defeated then destroyed the whole lot of them during the First armor war ( he also did away with the plans )
That's it on the armors now let's check out some high beams shall we?


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  1. It may just be me but I think that the best hero vs villain pairings happen when the hero and villain are very different from each other. Batman against the Joker works so well because they never do battle on even footing. Superman against Lex Luthor works because it isn't about having a super fist-fight but how Lex tries to make a super powered man feel powerless. Iron Man with all his science and gadgetry will really get on track when he stops fighting carbon copies of himself and get to the real match-up against Mandarin. Magic ( or alien science ) vs Iron Man... then it gets interesting. I think that we are building to that... Better and different villains with Iron Man, with the Avengers, with the Hulk.