Thursday, December 24, 2009


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From now until the 28th World Tenancies are White in Demon soul. Now what does this mean exactly for you the player? New areas are open, enemies are slightly weaker and are less likely do dole out a special attack ( plague, Bleeding, etc...)

This is the perfect time to slowing pick apart a level that's been giving you a hard time and get those souls.

But be warned, don't get cocky this is still one of the most unforgiving RPG's to ever grace a gaming console. use this time wisely. If you've amassed a small fortune in souls and are faced with a fogged gateway after you've cleared a level, double back and cash in those souls for attributes, spells, weapon upgrades and repairs.

Once you go through the fog and the demon kills you your soul is stuck in the demons lair and with no improvement in your character, your likely to get killed again and again trying to recover those souls you should have cashed in at the nexus with that weird blind goth chick.

The Level "Lair of the Shadowmen" gives you about 600+ souls per enemy with a good weapon you should be able to cull about 10,000+ souls per run through. Get to the fogged archway and then double back and cash in.

I know it sounds cheesy but hey, the game is hard and it's not going to get any easier than it is right now ( until Dec. 28th ) take advantage and get your character up to par while you can.

One another note:

I encountered my first black Phantom ( another player who chose to manifest in my world and challenge me ) the guy way bright red and had a giant flaming Claymore that dealt an insane amount of damage. The only advantage that I had was that my characters burden was light and I was apparently much quicker than he was so I was able to side step his attacks and kill him for a whopping 3000 souls.

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  1. You speak the truth, sir! I have left tens of thousands of souls scattered across various levels. I could have an 80+ Soul Level by now! I have, through trail and much error, adopted this strategy. Level up those weapons too! A variety are needed for the different situations you'll encounter.