Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Miyazaki Porco Rosso watercoler pages

I love Hayao Miyazaki's movies, from Castle of Cagliostro to his latest Ponyo, I think I've seen and enjoyed them all.

If you've never seen his work, treat your eyes to something wonderful and take a look at the man's watercolor and ink comic pages, they're just a joy to look at.

Here are some rare PORCO ROSSO pages published in english Animerica magazine about 16 years ago.

( I'm getting old )

Part One - Animerica, July 1993:

Part Two - Animerica, August 1993:

Part Three - Animerica, September 1993:

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  1. Shit. I gave all my Animerica issues to my conductor. I forgot about these. I should ask him for these issues back.