Wednesday, January 12, 2011

The Battle for Lost Angeles

It would take an awesome trailer to get my lazy ass to post again. What you fools doubt my refined cinematic taste!?!

Well you can stone me for enjoying TRON : Legacy but this trailer for Battle for L.A. looks sweet.

Still don't believe me eh?

This sucker has it all, Marines, Aliens, Mechs, Ships, Missle Explosions and best of all...NO MICHAEL BAY.

take a gander at the trailer and see for yourself:


  1. Well, that looks okay. It better be better than Lifeline or Waterline or Skyward or whatever the fuck the name of that godawful piece of shit was. I look at the effects of this movie and all I can think is: Time for Gundam movies. Oh, and that's the worst music I've ever heard. This overmodulated, voice tuned track is dreadful.