Monday, January 24, 2011

GUNDAM MODELING : RG 1/144 MS-06S ZAKU II (in progress)

I'm half way through building this Bandai Real Grade 1/144 Zaku II and it's amazing the level of detail that they put into such as small scale model.

Below you can see the model as I left it, built from the waist down this portion of the Model is about 3"1/2 inches tall.

all the panels on the leg are actually removable revealing a very complex skeletal structure underneath that gives the model an amazing range of articulation. ( Sorry, I'm not taking them off for this post, they're just too darn small and I'm afraid to loose them )

The thigh plating shifts when you bend the knees to give this model a complete 90 degree bend on the leg. Joints are nice and stiff allowing this model to do the flamingo pose in with ease.

Another angle...

I have a minor issue with the decals, I think Bandai should have included waterslide decals on this model since the peel and stick decals stand out on a model of this size.

I'll post the finished Model sometime next month since I'm taking my sweet time with it, until then, hasta la pasta baby.

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  1. That look pretty fooking hot. The accents on the feet are there or did you marker them in? Nice work and thanks for posting this.