Wednesday, May 4, 2011

My thoughts on the "GREEN LANTERN" movie based on what I've seen so far.

I don't think Warner Bros. Pictures has a lot of confidence in the GREEN LANTERN live action movie that's coming out this summer cause they are releasing a lot of footage in a short amount of time and in my opinion they've essentially blown their load early. I feel like the studio has already given me the juiciest parts of the film in the Two trailers they've released so far.

Will I pay to see this in the theaters or wait for the Blu-Ray? Before I answer that I'll post the trailer and break down the things I like, dislike, my thoughts on what I know about this movie and then I'll render my verdict.

0:15: A nice shot of OA, a planet at the center of the universe that acts as the Guardian's home world with a nice shot of the members of the Green Lantern corps who act as police officers to the many sectors of the DC universe. To me this is actually reassuring, they would have done the movie a great disservice if they didn't establish the Corps in the film.

0:17: Parallax writhing and revealing what eventually is known as the Sinestro Corps logo. O.K. this would have been a delightful surprise for fans going to see the film but you've ruined that by including it in the first 20 secs. of the second trailer.

0:20: Sinestro for the most part looks and sounds good.

0:49: Ryan Reynolds seems to be doing a serviceable Hal Jordan, I'm among the many online who thought that Nate Fillon ( Firefly, Castle ) would have been a better choice to play a seasoned, wartime fighter pilot now experimental test pilot at Ferris Aerospace, but hell what do I know.

1:14: Hal on OA, great idea, I just hope it doesn't get reduced to a "gymkata" training montage.

1:30: Here's the thing that bugs me, Hector Hammond and Amanda Waller are the major villains of this piece. Waller has very little as far as history with the Green Lantern mythology unless they're turning her into the Sam Jackson of the DC movie universe, the character has no business in this movie. As for Hammond I can name a few more interesting GL villains that I believe would have been a better fit to the whole Parallax understory: Black Hand, Mongul, Manhunters, Krona, The Quardians. See than, now you have something that you can tie into the sequel with Sinestro as the villain.

1:55: Can't help it, I keep finding myself asking, where's the Justice league when the big "Parallax monster thing" attacks the Earth. I know it's due to the fact that for as long as I can remember GL has always been associated with the Justice League, especially when it comes to defending the earth from an evil giant alien cloud thingy. I know this is an origins story with no expectation of any other DC character cameos or mentions other than the GL corps, but I can't help but think of the Flash or Superman when I see Green Lantern defending the world from the cloud formally known as Galactus from Fantastic Four 2.

1:59 Carol Ferris looks hot!

Just a sidebar, I know someone had to have mentioned this before but why did they remove the white gloves and boots from the GL uniform design? It bothers me to no end. I loved the Carmine Infantino design, it really should have been left alone as an homage to the character and the man who designed the uniform.


Sorry NETFLIX BLU-RAY for you and your little leprechaun friends Mr. Jordan.

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  1. I think they were reassuring the fanboys they're doing it right, while knowing additional footage wouldn't ruin it for any new fans. Of which there would be plenty. Green Lantern was always a horrible selling comic in the store.