Sunday, May 1, 2011

Super Fail #4 - Psycho Robin

For those of you who've lost touch with what's going on in the Batman books, let me give you the $2 tour...

Dick Grayson, aka Robin Numero Uno aka Nightwing is currently the Batman of Gotham City and his sidekick is none other than Damien Wayne, Bruce's kid that he fathered unbeknownst to him with Talia Al Gul, Ras Al Gul's Daughter evil bitch must have poked a hole in the bat condom, SUPER EVIL!!

Oh and Bruce Wayne is also parading around as Batman in a different costume getting into fights around the world and recruiting more Batmen, but we'll save that mess for another day.

Just to give you an Idea of what Richard Grayson has to deal with on crime fighting nights, here's how Damien aka Robin the 5th, deals with an inmate during a prison break:

Yes he's carving up Mr. Zsasz, the killer that marks his kills in his own flesh, not exactly what I expect out of a "Robin" but his psychotic episodes sure do make for some entertaining funny book reading.

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