Tuesday, August 16, 2011


So many game announcements that it's hard for me to keep up or even care, but by Vishanti, the Sorcerer Supreme's debut in a fighting game can not go unmentioned.

Although I could never imagine Stephen Strange as someone who would go fist a cuffs with the likes of Ryu, his spells, teleportation and enchantments look spot on, even his creepy "I'm starting an all females defenders" pre-fight comment to CHUN LI, fits him perfectly to a tee.
 (editors note : see Strange's relationship with his one time apprentice Clea.)

Kudos to Capcom for taking a risk with the good Doctor now I can't wait to see some Iron Fist clips.

Note: They also released a clip of another addition to the game on the CAPCOM side of the game
Nemesis from RESIDENT EVIL 3, I really don't have any feelings either way but I'll add it for those who care:

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